Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Do Wasps Nests Smell Like Skunk?


But apparently it's a burning-enough question, at least in someone's mind, for them to have googled for it. And, during that search, to somehow have found my blog, which I'm sure was helpful and informative.

You're welcome.

(And for those who have been asking how I can track these searches, Statcounter is one of the handiest tools around. And it's free!)

Mid-week blogging just isn't happening so much for me. I'm getting more sleep (thank FSM or I would have gone and died) and playing with wool (marigold-dyed Peruvian wool will be on display tomorrow) but apart from that it's the working and the playing with the kid. And I'm thinking the kid needs me more than the blog does anyhow.

However, there's an important event looming on the horizon. In three days, this blog turns two years old. I'm trying to think of an appropriate post. Perhaps we need a new cussword or something.

You'll just have to wait in suspense until Friday.

I vote for "fuck monkey". :)
Ooooh, the suspense of a potential new cuss word is going to kill me! :)
Personally, I really like weaseldickmotherfucker, which I shorten to WDMF, or just weaseldick in polite company.

P.S. LOVE the stitch markers.

Beth in Ohio
Okay, I'm using statcounter, too. Do I get interesting references? Noooo

But I have a reader in Lithuania
Yay! A new cuss word - I love your cuss words. Can't wait.
Now you're going to HAVE to follow through with your birthday cuss word. And it better be a good one, too. I'm going to put my swearing shoes by the computer so I can be ready for the big day.
If it's a good one, maybe they'll invite you to next year's Swearing Festival! Ooo, I'm so excited! I could say I knew you when!
Bring on some cussin'. I'd prefer that to cake.
Oh you're too funny! If my mother [she's 72] knew I was learning new cuss words, why she'd wash my socks out with soap right after giving me a frowny face ... I'll be back Friday!
WDMF - kewl!!! I like that one. Can't wait to see the new one!

My mother used to make us bite the Ivory soap if we cussed. She said our dirty mouths needed washing. If you were really lucky, the bar was dry and not gooey on the bottom ... blech!!
Today's title has almost the ring of a Zen koan to it.

Everybody seems mighty excited to help you out with the new cuss word, so I'll help, too.

A new cuss word! I cant' wait! :D
I think we need a picture of your boobs. ;-)
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