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I've joined the Favorite Color Swap. This is the first swap I've ever signed up for; it looks like fun, but of course I had to get someone hard to buy for. Fortunately I live in a hotbed of funky, funny, original artsyfartsy stuff (no, not just my studio; all of Vancouver) and so it'll be fun rather than frustrating. I already have the first three items taken care of and have ideas for more.

The pity is that much of what I'll be sending will be handmade by me (this isn't a person you can just "shop" for, so I'll have to get all creative -- quelle dommage and such), so I can't post about it. So you're going to think I'm making nothing at all for the next month, which is fine, because I'll get to go on and on about my other exciting challenges.

Item the first:

finishing up and skeining all of the superwash I still have here. I still have four to finish up with the dyeing (one needs to be overdyed with Lac but I think it's gonna be gorgeous) and five to skein. I desperately need a swift -- I'm using an office chair and a niddy-noddy. Imagine the pain in my shoulders. This one is the latest I just put up for sale today.

Item the second:

dyeing more of this stuff in this heat. Several folks seem to like this colour, as do I. Unfortunately a) I don't know how to duplicate it and b) it's freakin' hot, people -- did I mention that?

Item the third:

Trying not to keep this skein in the "Toe Jam" colourway, and its companion, "Athlete's Foot" (thanks, Mouse for the names) for myself. And, um, trying to remember how I did it.

Item the fourth:

How to take good pictures without upgrading my semi-broken and way-out-of-date digital camera, which I can afford neither to repair nor to replace.

Item the fifth, not yet received Ch├ęz Lapin:

"a bagful of 6-8" "threads" of (very dirty) black-brown llama's fur" offered to me for free. I, of course, accepted. I have no idea if this will be a treasure, or my next offering to the landfill, but I can't wait to see what it's like!

Item the sixth:

I'm going to learn to use a drop spindle as soon as I can afford one (next week) so that I can spin at work. I'm assuming much hilarity will ensue. Yes, I know some people work at work. So do I, but I also work alone and I get an hour's worth of breaks every night, so I might as well spin.

Stay tuned for more summer excitement.

go for the Golding spindle to start -- it will save you alot of anquish....
Sounds like quite a plan you've got going!! Good luck with spindling. I'm trying to learn. Trying!!
Coming out of the woodwork to say hi! Love your blog, your dyeing looks great. Tip for you when you're dyeing, keep a notebook nearby. Type of yarn, colors/types of dyes you're using, times. It really helps me. And I can go back and look at what I screwed up on and try to fix it next time I'm working with certain yarns or dyes.
Yesterday while waiting for the Harlot's talk, I found a lovely bit of bombyx roving. I don't spin, I hear silk is hard, I don't own a spindle, I don't care. It came home with me. I'll learn!
Long time no read...took a break from the knitting blogs for quite some time but I'm BACK! And...if you're in the market for a swift, I've got a wooden umbrella swift that I'd be willing to work out some sort of trade on ;)
I learned to spin with a spindle first. The hardest part was getting the hang of drafting. You should have no trouble, being a wheel spinner already.
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