Friday, July 07, 2006


Beetle Juice

OK, I had to, and you know it. So stop cringeing.

During my first attempt to dye the wool with the lac extract, I made what is surely a typical newbie mistake and left the ties on too tight and, well, I think we can all see the results here:

I liked the colour and was sort of sad that I really had to redye it, but I sucked it up and, well ...

Holy crap. That's more like it. I'm going to try to repeat this effect. Often.

That's very close to the true colour and I'm delighted with it. If Lee Ann is equally enchanted, she's got first dibs on it, otherwise it'll be for sale in a day or two. I'm thinking I may well dye up some more tomorrow, too.

The other wool that I've been messing with is finally dry enough to skein, so I've also got one of these puppies up for sale if anyone's interested:

550 or so yards of fingering weight superwash merino, hand dyed in blues from cornflower to cobalt.

I'm going to have another link up on my sidebar, starting Sunday I would think, so keep checking there for hand-dyed and eventually handspun wool for sale. I don't want to turn this blog into nothing but a sales tool so I'll just quietly post things there, shall I? (And document the entire painful dyeing, skeining and fucking-up process here, never fear.)

And now off to rebuild my daughter's entire bedroom, find some sort of food in the house, clean everything while screaming at the top of my lungs (birthday party tomorrow) and head out to work in about 45 minutes.

Wish me luck.

holy crap.. its gorgeous! Great job with the bug dye.. it is obviously worth all that trouble for such a beautiful color.
It's absolutely wonderful! Who knew bugs could be such a great color??
I think I might be interested in the blue, which is lovely - how much, and how much to ship to the UK? I can't get Blogger to let me log on so that you can get me email address, so try missomurphy (at) gmail (dot) com Oh, and do you take PayPal? Thanks, Helen
Is there anything you can't do? Beautiful stuff!
Wow, what a dramatic difference when you dyed that yarn a second time. I love the blue too!
Those are absolutely beautiful. No, BEAUTIFUL. FABULOUS.

Thanks for adding some beauty to a day that has not been good. (lots of pain today that all my various and sundry medications are unable to fix)

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