Sunday, July 30, 2006



A girl should really watch what she posts.

Because of my rabbiting on about stuff yesterday, I've publicly declared that I'm going to make a sweater that I'm not really crazy about. In fact I've already planned who I'm going to give it to once I've done it and worn it twice.

For those who can't get the magazine, go here for a sneak peek. It's the 11th picture. It's sort of boxy, which suits me, but it has horizontal stripes. Nuff said.

And yes, I'm going to stick with the decision. I may well love it a lot more once it's done, and besides, it's a good excuse to buy cashmere.

And the fun part of all of this? Farm Witch is, apparently, also a total wanker and she's going to participate in the public shame by trying to make a jacket that she's been wanting for a while.

Nothing good can come of this. Except, perhaps, some new cusswords.

Why not knit the panda sweater in an adult size?
Argh! To the knitter end for both of us and bring more rum!
oooo - goodie goodie - new cusswords! I am so bored with my present slew of cusswords, can't wait!
Life is good when you get to look forward to new cusswords!

Why knit stripes if you don't want to? Knit it all in a solid color.
and this will be the perfect excuse for us to get together and knit - i can help you make that sweater, girl!
Yeah, leave the stripes off and make it a solid color that you dream about that makes you look like a million bucks and makes you actually WANT to knit the thing.
Damn, you're not going to do the zigzag skirt?

I'm with pacalaga and Diane: do it in a solid color. Super-cute cardigan, by the way. If it's a self-striping yarn, bet you could swap it out for something else easily. hmm, tempting to jump on the bandwagon here but the high waist.. hm.

Enough beer and I bet we could drown that inner voice, heh.
The men's sweater had some appeal, but again horizontal stripes.
I also vote for no stripes.
Remember Otis? The upshot was that you were going to knit something you wanted. Just as long as it's not Otis.
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