Friday, July 14, 2006



That's the sound of me screaming as I run frantically around the room.

No time! Must work! Dye wool!

Bloggiversary! Two years!

New word: twatsicle!


*thud* (me hitting wall)

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blogging with a little less screaming.

Let me be the firstto congratulate you on two years of blogging with Blogger and remaining relatively sane (or at least no more insane than you started out).

Thanks for the word.
::: rolling on floor laughing::: Great word! Happy 2 years of blogging insanity!! Hope to see you around for many more!
Twatsicle. You promised us a new word and you did not disappoint. The more I think about that word, the more frightening it is.
Twatsicle. HHHHaaaaahhhhHaaaHaaaa!
Happy Blogiversary! that a frozen twat, or a cross between a twat and a testicle?


Happy blogiversary!
Hmmm. Good one.

Happy Blogiversary baby. Got you on my mind.

Your new word reminded me of my altered condition after my first child's birth. He weighed a whopping 8lbs 10 oz. I sat on ice packs for days. Tee hee. While in the hospital they filled rubber gloves with ice and tied it off. Very odd, yet hilarious. Nonetheless, a twatsicle.
Thank you for that.
congrats on your blogiversary!

now I will have images of a twatsicle all day in my head (you don't wanna know what I am envisioning there...).

looking forward to many more years of drunken rants.

anne marie in philly

Love the new word :)
Excellent new word. Happy Blogiversary!
GREAT word, and it dos inspire thoughts of running around the room screaming, if for different reasons than yours (one assumes). And missmoonbeam's reply is serendipitous -- I had the "job" of filling up rubber gloves with ice cubes, once long ago. We called 'em "icy hands". So, an icy hand twatsicle for me, please!
uh...are they on a stick??? or like a bicycle??

What is the proper usage of "twatsicle"-- Paris Hilton is such a "twatsicle", or They walk like they are riding a twatsicle?
Happy 2 year!! You're funny!
Brilliant wordsmithing, my dear, and spot-on timing. Today is my bachelorette party to which my sisters and almost-sister-in-law are coming, and they're all in the non-swearing camp. How am I supposed to prevent myself from belting out this word every time I take a shot?

Should be interesting.
Ah. Twatsicle. Fantastic.

Thank you!

And watch out for that....oh dear....the wall. MEDIC!!
Love it!

Congrats on the Blog Day!
Twatsicle! Love it!

I now have to wipe hot tea off of my monitor.
Awesome. You really can do it on demand, can't you? Well I bow down to your greatness and congratulate you on reaching the terrible twos. I bought 4 Angora goats today and I might name one of them twatsicle in your honor. Should keep the neighbors away!
Happy blogiversary! What did the teacher end up receiving? baby on lap-mu st go.
Twatsicle! *snork!* Now I'll be giggling like an eight-year-old all night at Stitch n Bitch. (didja hear what she said? snigger snort snurfle...)

Happy blogbirthday!
Congrats!! You've done it again. *snicker*
You know, one would think you would want to move on to a different category for the Best Of awards...but not if you keep coming up with awesome words like that! I think Jen SHOULD name one of her goats twatsicle...if for nothing else, to see the look on the neighbors' faces.
Happy blog day, and thanks for the funny. I needed some!
Happy (belated) Blogiversary!! You have helped make it a much more snarf-filled year for me. Thanks!
Belated Happy Blogiversry to you!

And congrats to me for finding you, which has made my life so much better.

I love twatsicle as a word, the only thng is it doesn't sound like a "negative" or "bad" word to me. Does that make me completely crass and wacked out? (O.K., I admit I've been wacked out for quite some time now, but really, it doesn't sound so bad to me. ah well)

I'm very much looking forward to reading another year of your blogging (and, ironically, I'm getting sad that someday soon I will have made it through you archieves and caught up. Which means I will no longer be able to read you for hours on end, which has become one of my most favorite past times.

I'm sorry to have blabbed so long in your comments. But as we've discussed, I can't help it these days. Although I am trying....

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