Saturday, June 17, 2006


Welcome To The Hotel Bunnifornia

At the point when my time ran out last night:

fairly close, but that only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. no cigars were awarded

This evening:

viola, as the french say

There are still a few boxes in there and no pictures to speak of. The sheets do not match the pillow and, apparently, the other sheets are perfectly good as curtains.

Luxury? No. It's a futon with mismatched sheets. Clean and free? Si.

Kidlet and I will be sleeping there tonight, as we have guests who are using our bed. Life is good.

Speaking of good things ... go look who's here! Way better than a guestroom, dudes.

Way, way better.

Hello, Bunniegirl. How the heck are ya?

teh çu
aaaAAAaaahhhhh!!!! teh çu hace found me!!

email me, goofy. bunniegirl at shaw dot ca. I can't reply to you this way. Well, um, clearly I can REPLY but we can't have anything approaching a conversation.

I've missed you.
yay for cleaning!

I always feel so damned accomplished anytime I clean - since it's so rare.

Horeshoes and hand grenades huh? And then in the next post you mention a ride for MS - you've got a new regular reader! Where'd you get the HHG comment? My pop was a Captain in the UDT SEAL Team 2 - I must say this to my husband at least weekly! And, I have MS. I do lots of activities, am a guinea pig for NIH and LOVE to hear about people helping to find a cure/cause/end for it! Happy knitting!
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