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Just a drive-by posting before bed 'cause I know y'all will all fade away or get the vapours or something if you have to go another day without a post.

Very tired. Brain hurts. This is my sleeping-in day. Yay! Having a beer before bed, at 7am (THE HORRORS!), influenced by that bad woman over there who drinks gin on the porch at the same time of day.

Kid ran five laps in the sport-o-matic thingie yesterday. It was worth staying up for, but I'm too old to have children this young.

The presentmom is actually organizing BOTH morning and afternoon classes for the group gift, so it'll be more like $350-400. I'm ... close to speechless. You know, the Rabbitchly version of speechless, which often involves 500 words or more.

I made a bunch of stitch markers last night and will hopefully post them later. We will not discuss how much of a mess one woman can make of 1200 yards of yellow yarn if she can't work her niddy-noddy. There may be variegated yellow sock yarn later this week. There may not. If not, we will pretend that I WANTED this much tangled sock yarn, and that it's art or something.

The other five skanks of yarn that I've dyed (pink, blue, darker blue, brown, reddish-brown) will hopefully meet a happier fate.

Stay tuned.

Or not.

Go, Girl, run! I think kids have so much energy because they steal it from the mom. We have "one of those parents" in class with our kids. She's always at the school (doing good), and has wonderful (expensive and/or time consuming) ideas for everyone(else)to do. She makes everyone look bad, even if they work their butts off, because she's already done more and given more. I just smile, and do what I can. Then, my hubby and I make fun of "those parents" in private!lol.
Wow that almost makes me sound mean!
You can always opt out of that gift arrangement and have your kid give his own gift. $400?! That's ridiculous.
Okay, I have restrained myself and tried not to respond because, you know, I've already weighed in on the teacher once before and I didn't want to seem like a vulture but this is freakin' ridiculous. As a teacher, yes, I spent alot of my meager pay buying extra clothes, socks, school supplies, etc. for my students - but - to expect a gift at all is kinda like creepy and to be offended at a starbucks or book store card is kinda missing the point and why if you wanted great perks did you choose a teaching career? Rage, spewing vile words that cannot be decifered, here. All this energy is being put into buying this woman an expensive gift and some of the parents and families are probably eating mac n cheese more than anyone wants to admit. I can't afford to stop at starbucks and buy my favee (double shot mocha with cream and chocolate shavings) MOST of the time. Why the hell would I want to spend a small knitter's fortune on someone who is getting paid to do her job? Furthermore, and this is the end, I promise - I am, frankly, sick and tired of hearing teacher moan about their pay. If you don't like the pay, try to change the system. If you don't want to change the system - pick another profession. If you don't want to do anything about it, please shut up.
Now you see why I was trying not to post. This is probably not written into the 'how to win friends and influence people' manual.
$400? This annoys me so much, on so many levels, it would take more than 500 words to express myself.
Sweet Jebus!
I'd sit down, but then I realized that I already am.

I need some clarifications. Is it the teacher asking for this stuff or the presentmom? If it's the teacher, that's shamefull. If it's the presentmom, someone check the meds, she's obviously divorced from reality.
I say poke the presentmom in the arse with a pointy stick!! That is an absolutely obscene amount of money for a teacher gift. I was asked once to make cream puffs for a teacher appreciation luncheon by our local PTA. When I asked how many, the coordinator responded, in all seriousness, mind you, "Oh, I suppose 100 would do." I couldn't believe that they actually expected me to make 100!! Some people have no clue what happens outside their own little world, where Mommy stays home, having coffe klatsch every morning, sitting around the pool all summer, with plenty of time and money, while others work their butts off to keep body and soul together!
And to think, when I thought of getting my teaching certification, it was because I got a thrill out of seeing the sparkle in a child's eye when a concept that they'd been working on finally clicked.

Apparently I was delirious and need to rethink this teaching thing.
Oh brother $400!!!! That is like some peoples RENT. Ridiculous.. If it were me I would be ashamed to take it.
Yikes, I didn't know a niddy noddy was so dangerous! I'm sorry, but the image of 1200 yards of yarn and a niddy noddy mishap made me smile.
My mom is a retired teacher and she would have been so embarrassed if some parent did this. She got lots of bookmarks and paperweight and little plaques with apples on them, and she loved them!

Oh - and the tangled yarn? I'm trying to think of a way you could market it in that state -- you know -- make us want to buy it in a tanged mass....
I think I'm too stupid to figure out where you sell your yarn once it's tamed and skeined...!

(I agree about the class gift. I made our teacher an angora scarf with yarn given to me. Maybe 7 hrs of my time. I hope she's not allergic to angora.)
I am a teacher. I can't believe this!!! I have had many gifts given to me throught the years and the best one was this year. I had the pleasure of teaching a set of twins for 3 years in high school. On the last day of school they took a picture of the 3 of us. The gift was that picture in a frame - nothing extravagant, but tears came to my eyes nontheless. I have been given gift cards and such ont he past, but something from the heart is priceless. It is a shame that there are people in the world that haven't coe to realize this. BTW - YOU ROCK!!!!
Enjoy your beer and lie in!

I was just thinking, around here, most of the teachers get paid more than I do for working considerably fewer hours. Perhaps they should have been giving me gifts all those years?

Enough of that annoying school stuff, summer's here and time to enjoy it (and also enjoy fiber, knitting, nifty stitch markers and drinks).
I hope your fellow parents felt the same way you do and gave a buck or two instead of $10. I know teachers deal with a lot of crap but buying an expensive gift is not the way to say thank you!
I can't stand it anymore....I have to speak or I'll burst!! I agree totally with farm-witch's very well spoken!! I can't believe that any self respecting teacher would accept such a gratuity for JUST DOING HER JOB!! I am sure that many multiple children families just cannot afford to give away this much money!!When my 3 were small and we were living on one income so I could be a stay at home mom it would have really frosted my behind to have some do gooder EXPECT that much of my budget for such an outrageous gift!!! Obviously she doesn't live in the real world where at the end of the month there is usually a deficit!!! And dont ya just hate a do-gooder like that???
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