Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Things That Make Me Go "Squeeeee"

One: Sasha is safe. She's in a foster home and a friend of mine has applied to adopt her. She's the kitty I was really worried about, as she is sort of old and toothless and farty and I figured she'd end up getting euthanized. Big relief. I'm still totally lost without her and the knittens but she's alive and someone wants her. That's all that matters at this point.

Two: Slightly over ten thousand yards of sock yarn from here. That's one fuck of a lot of yarn.

Three: Clearly I am astonishingly hot, as my co-worker's boyfriend buys me presents:

This will be a very useful book, although I may avoid the recipe on page 59, as it calls for a pint of human urine. That's a little more than I usually keep on hand.

Heading out to whack more weeds in the yard and then haul my tired ass into work. Ben and I have worked out a deal whereby he takes the kidlet to school two days a week, and picks her up four days a week (he was just doing the pickup before) so that I actually get a decent night's sleep at least a couple of days a week. Today was the first "Mommy gets to sleep during the week" day and I must say that although I'm still tired, I feel one hell of a lot closer to being human than I have for the last few weeks.

I may just live long enough to dye, after all.

(why yes, I do think i'm pretty damned funny. thank you for asking. shut up.)

You can use vinegar instead of urine -- I'm surprised the book doesn't say so. It's not supposed to be quite as good. I can't comment on that.

Cheers! Jean
I'm so glad to hear about Sasha. The others I knew were prime adoption material.

Your husband's a big guy. Perhaps you could give him a few pints of beer?
I'm so glad Jean came up with a substitute for the urine because I was getting very worried there.
Yay for Sasha
Yay for Yarn
Um, yay? for vinegar instead of urine.

How does your coworker's boyfriend know to buy you books on vegetable dyeing? Or does he just have them lying around?
I've heard of the urine thing--it is a potent acid--but I want to see the post of the the first person who admits she/he tried it. Or maybe I don't.
I know that urine is a time-honoured mordant, but I think it was more common in the days before flush toilets.

I've never tried it myself, but it's supposed to be one of the better fixatives for vegetable dyes.
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