Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Oh Deer

This is not a picture of a dirty window. It is not a picture of some cow-flavoured kitsch (yes, that's a cow in a kimono. And a weathervane.)

It's not even a picture of a painted rock.

This, dear friends, is a picture of the first deer I've seen in the back yard since I moved in here.

Ansel Adams, watch out.

yes, i know he took pictures of scenery and not animals, or at least i don't think he took pictures of animals and all of his pictures are black and white but i can't remember any other photographer's name right now.

and no, the zoom on my camera doesn't work any more, thank you for mentioning it. shut up

Why my dear, you just may be the next Alfred Steiglitz. Brava!
I see it, I see it! It's like those puzzles in Highlights magazine . . .
Hey, that deer is lucky, You could have been going for a more Mapplethorpe-y vibe!
I can't decide which is cooler, the deer or the cow in a kimono! *grin*
It may be that I live in the middle of the city 50 miles from the Mexican border and deer are hard to come by, but they always thrill me. Even pictures of a deer someone else saw.
I'm easily entertained, apparently. :-)
nice deer, but I love the cow...I have several of those cows on parade cows so it always makes me smile when someone else has the same crazy cows. JWW
Deer. All I can say is, if you plan on having a garden you may not love the deer so much in a few months.
At least you managed to hide the flash reflection behind one of the window pane divider-thingies. That takes some talent!!
hiya, friend--I'm just checking in from the outer limits and glad to find you still kickin'.

here is my word verification gibberish: rbtnkh (looks kinda like rabbitch, eh?)
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