Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My New Profession:


Of wool, that is.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I feel a little better today.

OK, to answer questions, I had seen Jen dye with RIT and she seemed to have no problem, so I did the same. But mine wouldn't stop leaching. Would. Not. Stop. I rinsed, I vinegared, I yelled at it. Nothing worked.

To answer the questions of the kind folks who have offered to buy some anyhow, most of this is going to be stripped of dye and redone. I've emailed the folks who asked specifically about a couple of things. The dark brown and tan is gone (that's it in the pan, above) and so is the cornflower/teal/hunter green (you likely couldn't tell that it was those colours anyhow). If you want some before I strip it, email me and let me know, otherwise it'll be done in the next couple of days.

I'm looking forward to redoing this and the RIT dye remover is taking most of the dye out really quickly. I have Madder and Marigold and Henna and um something else and Alum and Cream of Tartar and other stuff standing by. I'm scared this yarn is going to get all tangled what with dyeing and drying and stripping and redyeing. We'll see what happens.

And yes, Vancouver is big. I don't need to go to that store again.

I hear that music playing now...ba-dah (bah bah) ba-dah (bah bah) ba-dah-dah-dah!

I'm still interested in the pink yarn. I don't know how on earth you got my Yahoo identity but hey! what the hell. :) email - yspencer(at)zoominternet(dot)net. :)
ok, RIT needs to be set with salt. Did you ASSsalt it?
and read the salt label.......DO NOT use IODIZED salt. THey make an uniodized version and that is what you need for dye. Did you let it simmer for about an hour after putting the vinegar in??? That shoul have done the trick....try the salt. I haven't tried natural dyes...I live in arizoa and nothing that I could dye with will grow here! so I use cushings dyes and live them!! Good luck the second time aroud!!
i've used the rit dye color remover and i found it can make the yarn feel kind of harsh afterwards. i hope that does not happen here.
you might be able to use dharma trading company dye fixative on the stuff you have already dyed. http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/1569-AA.shtml
the people at dharma are very polite and helpful, and respond quickly to email, so if you told them exactly what dye and method you used they could probably help you out. good luck.
The offer to untangle still holds, even though we are on opposite sides of the continent.

I think my verification word is an obscenity (again).
How about reskeining the yarn after it dries from stripping? Kind of a pain, but it will probably keep it from getting too friendly with itself. Sometimes I put a bit of hair conditioner in the rinse water and let the yarn soak in that for a bit. Seems to help, especially if you have hard water.

I've never tried RIT with wool, but now I think I'll stick with acid dyes.
RIT isn't a great wool dye -- doesn't set as well as the standard acid dyes (or even KoolAid, or Easter egg dye, in my expreience), and doesn't give as even a color. Try some acid dyes from Dharma or another supplier -- you won't be disappointed!
I wouldn't go to that store again, either! I hate it when people are mean. (Well, sometimes I can be mean, but only to mean people, ya know?) I hope your yarn turns out really, really super!
I'm still afraid of using KoolAid on my dye-your-own yarn. I don't know how I feel about fruity-smelling yarn.

You are a brave brave woman.
The words "wool stripper" brings to mind pole-dancing sheep.. and its really a disturbing image.
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