Saturday, June 03, 2006


A Moving Experience

Have I used that title before? More than likely however, I would find it difficult to care less right about now. Remind me never to work 12 days in a row again, willya?

I won't take the advice, but feel free to dispense it.

The move is finished. The very last items from the very last storage locker (c'mon, there were only two) are now in my house. And as I look over my domain, I wonder ... what in the purple screaming fuck was I thinking?

A big three-bedroom house with a huge studio? Ha! I need a huge SEVEN bedroom house with TWO huge studios. Either that or I need way less shit, y'all.

Tomorrow (well later today, after I sleep) I will start sorting out exactly what I have here but it would seem that this charity thingie (which I keep trying to stop doing but nobody else will do it and people won't stop living on the streets or in shelters and so someone has to and it might as well be me) has taken up way too much of my house. There's a lot of fabric here, and I don't sew, but there's an old machine in the garage and I'm going to bring it in here and fire it up and make some pseudo-quilts out of all of this. Stay tuned for either ensuing hilarity or reports from the emergency room. I can't handle all of these newfangled sewing machines but this is an old Singer, still in working order, and I think I can manage at least a few straight lines. One of the shelters has said they'll pay for the fiberfill if I can get the quilts made, so I might as well have at it.

I have tons of yarn I'm trying to get out to our knitters (but it would seem that there is more yarn than there are knitters which means I'd better get that knitting machine going soon) and of course there are the blankets that "just need a little work". Dudes, if you're putting together blanket squares and you aren't weaving in the ends, you aren't making blankets, you're making work for someone else. I've got at least twenty of those and hope to do the end-weaving-in thingie in my copious free time, while working full-time and raising a daughter and starting a business.

Because we all know I've got way more time for that than do the nice little old retired ladies who are putting these together.

Not that I don't want to seem grateful for their help. It takes about 100 hours to knit the squares for a blanket and about 5-8 hours to put one together. If I have to do the last two hours of end-weaving, well, there's 118 hours I didn't have to do, but it's just ... frustrating. And takes up a hell of a lot of space.

The good thing is, that the last barge has been toted and the last bale has been lifted (or are we lifting the barges and toting the bales?) and we can now start to make a real rabbithutch out of this place.

Within three weeks. Because that's when y'all are coming over for the hodown, isn't it?

And believe you me, the hos are going to be down. BigAlice is driving up from Portland, Gaile and her Budgie are coming from Bellingham, I think there might be a couple of folks from Seattle (or not, haven't heard back) and some people from work, some people from a place I used to work, a few stalkers from around Vancouver, some folks from my husband's work, my brother and his partner and likely a few vagrants I pick up from the bus shelter on the way home from work the night before (because I have been unable to get the Friday night off work, so I may not be entirely reasonable on my way home that morning.) Maybe some students from where I used to toil. You know. Stuff like that.

Email me if you're coming so I can give you the address and stuff.

I'm going to go up into the attic later today (so if you never hear from me, you know the spiders ate me and there's no hodown after all) and see what sort of vile and vermin-infested storage space is up there. No, I won't make anyone sleep in the attic, but hopefully I can get a few boxes up there.

Either that or we're having a bonfire.

And now to sleep ...

I wish I was close enough for that party.
Now get some sleep.
Me, too, John. Being a ho and being down, it's just not fair to miss the hodown.
Hey, perhaps you could teach your daughter to weave in the ends using a crochet hook? Bet she'd do it, for what seems like a lot of money to a kid and not much to the weary grown-up.
I mention Vancouver pretty much every freaking day now to P., but still he insists we can't afford to fly there this summer. We just found out another dear friend we were hoping to drive up and visit this summer has moved from Ontario to Vancouver, but still he won't budge. And now that the van has died and we've bought a "new" car (this morning, in fact, after towing our poor van off highway 401 last night), I think it's definitely a no go. But wait, I was really only pushing the "I haven't seen my cousin's kid since she was a toddler" and "duh, ROB is there now!" angle, I forgot to tell P. there was barbecue too. Maybe that can sway him (just won't tell him it's barbecue at a wool house, he'd never go for that).

If Hockey Mom were coming up for your party, that might be a sweeter candy I could dangle for P. to change his mind. HM, are you going?
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