Saturday, June 17, 2006


Housekeeping Is Important

I was informed today that the microwave at work smells like "goat scrotum tapenade".

While this is likely an accurate assessment of the odor of the aforementioned appliance I would like to know:

a) who has been cooking goat scrotum tapenade at work?
b) how does the person who identified the odor know exactly what goat scrotum tapenade smells like, if they are not the person who has been cooking it?
c) how do the goats feel about this?
d) is goat scrotum tapenade tasty? because really, to me it smells startlingly similar to vole wang brulée, which is quite nasty.
e) who will pay for my keyboard, ruined yet again, having been lo so recently replaced after reading the latest exploits of Dolores over at Franklin's blog?

The questions are many. The odor of the appliance is vile. These things are established. As for the rest, I await enlightenment.

In my experience when people start pointing these things out, it's a more or less disguised request for you to fix that. The question arises - whos job is cleaning up the break room? I'm not certain what your job title is, but I wasn't thinking janitor. Could be I'm wrong, in which case go clean. But if it's not - then somebody needs to urge the janitor on to greater efforts. If someone has not told the janitor that this is part of the job - or worse, has explicitly told the janitor that this is not part of the job - then the someone needs to deal with the question of who's job it might be. The person who supervises the janitor in fact. The theory that microwaves and break rooms will not need cleaning "if everyone cleans up after themselves" won't work. For one thing, the cleaning materials are generally not available, and for the other it's a guarantee that at least one member of the staff has no clue that cleaning is needed or how to do it. If that person is the boss you're in trouble
My first thoght: How do they know what goat scrotum tapenade smells lke anyhow??

Second thought: whose job is it to clean? I agree, it sounds like a hint for you to not do it.
Another keyboard blown?

What, were you drooling?
if they don't like goat scrotum tapenade then they should clean it.

i personally think it's lovely with a young bordeaux and served with crusty baguette
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