Monday, June 19, 2006


Google Searches

Strange google searches that brought people here in the last 24 hours:

1. Cold FX urine (no, there is no urine in Cold FX. It works, it's great, but no urine at all. Really. Just move along.)

2. Wording idea on houseworming thank you card. Yes, houseWORMing. I know I use strange terms at times; it's nice to know that others do also.

3. Rabbit hurts my ass. No, this is all wrong. I wish I could find out who that was and go and hit them. In the ass. With my rabbit.

That is all. Carry on.

Those are pretty strange. How do you find out about these searches?
Houseworming - ha!

I got a spammy email today with the subject line "cock meringue."

Some very lewd images are running around my head right now.
You're so funny! Maybe you're just a freak magnet.
And to KathyMarie, thanks now I keep thinking of lewd images. EEEEUUUU!!!! LOL!
OMG....well, MAYBE they're using it wrong...the rabbit...
You're a freak magnet. Which totally explains why I read your blog. The new place is starting to look really good.
I must know how you can back-trace these searches. I totall agree with Shell about the freak magent thing. ;-)
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