Friday, June 16, 2006


Dog and Butterfly

Still holding on by my fingernails here.

Drinking time is almost nonexistent, which makes me weep, but there has been a tiny bit of knitting time and Secret Project #1 is almost done. Which is good, seeing the little person for whom it is intended is due tomorrow.

Libby was supposed to come and visit this weekend, bringing MHP for our entertainment and edification. Unfortunately the old best-laid-plans thingie kicked in and here we are, Friday, and we remain sadly Libbyless.

This is likely good, as here:

is the famous "guest room" that she was due to occupy. Want to see it again?

There you go. Just as bad as it seemed the first time, isn't it? I'm determined to have that room sleepable TONIGHT, as my daughter wants to sleep on our new futon, so I'm working like a dog (hence the dog part of the title here). The piece of furniture to the left is an insanely-heavy buffet that I got for my studio, which somehow seems to have been placed on its side in the guest room. I cannot (or at least should not, due to lumbar injuries and all) move it by myself. It may well become the new "guest room dresser".

(I have two and a half hours left in which to make this room usable, pack food for work, go to the bank, clean the kitchen, living room and my daughter's room and have a shower before a new babysitter comes over for the first time, as we let the regular lady go when we thought we were having company tonight. Think I can do it?)

All is not wretchedness and screaming, though. We have sunshine and ...

yeah. Butterfly. Little dude's just sitting enjoying the day on my front porch.

Makes you smile, doesn't he? Which is good because a giant tower of about seven boxes that WAS taken out of the guest room and piled to the ceiling in my studio just fell over. I'm off to assess the damage. Back tomorrow, babies.

Good luck on the room (I can so relate) - I could be positive for you but I don't think I could pull all that off in a couple of hours - but you probably will; just so you could say you did! I love the butterfly - nice photo! Hope nothing broke when the leaning tower of boxes fell over!
Dang, your guest room resembles our "office". That's what I get for marrying a man who religion it's against to throw anything out.
That guest room looks familiar to me, too. Ah, yes the home office/workroom/cookbook storage area that once was a guest room.
You called me out. I may cry at any second.

When's the next time I can come visit? Maybe 4th of July, since I hate that holiday, and my other option is hanging with the soul-suckers?
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