Sunday, June 18, 2006



Yes, it's a verb. Shut up.

I meant to bring this to everyone's attention earlier, but as we all know I'm a horrible slacker. However, in the interests of my eternal, annoying do-goodery, I would like to mention that Claudia is doing a bike ride to raise funds for MS.

There are lots of gorgeous prizes (including some stitch markers by yours truly), and she's close to her goal of raising $15k (the original goal of $10k having been left far behind, as knitters rock quite extremely).

If you've got a buck or two, she's the gal who can make sure it gets to the right place. Go check it out!

If, however, the bucks are short but the knitting time is long, there's a mitten challenge going on over at Ann's place, and there's still tons of time to jump on the bandwagon.

Or heck, do both. You know you want to.

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