Sunday, June 25, 2006


At Least I Was Wearing Pants

WooHOO was that a fun partay. Well, I always think that any event after which I wake up, half-clothed, face down on the living room floor is a successful one.

Ben was even drunk enough to get me a pillow and a blanket, too. Heh.

A lot of people couldn't make it at the last minute, so we ended up being a crowdette of about a dozen. This means that neither food nor wine ran out (although we did have to do a beer run after a couple of hours). Seeing we had bought food for, oh, the 30-ish people we were expecting ... let's just say we won't be going short of food Ch├ęz Lapin for quite some time. Fortunately everything I bought (apart from the peppers, which would, you know, kill me and all) I like. (There is no need for anyone to feel guilty for cancelling. None of the food will be wasted and we needed food for, like, eating and stuff anyhow.)

The BBQ we had been given was all rusted out and totally skankful, so the first order of the day was to haul my ass out to Ukranian Tire to buy a new one, while one of my stalkers and my daughter got lost in the woods. I was eternally grateful that UT were having a sale and managed to get a pretty decent barbecue for less than an arm and a leg.

My parents showed up, Dad and one of our guests assembled the barbecue, and then my parents left without eating. They had had a huge lunch so it's not a biggie, but I felt like a bit of an ass.

We ate, we drank, we fondled wool, two of us knit in public. Ben outdid himself in the kitchen and we had fantastic vegetarian lentil soup (I love this stuff -- I can't eat ham-based soup.) and marinated chicken skewer thingies and tzatziki made with this gorgeous thick yogurt from the Persian deli and um, hamburgers and hot dogs -- no, wait, I don't think we even broke out the doggies -- and pita (ha! Just typed that "puta") and um, chips and salsa and a huge salad (I FORGOT to make potato salad!) and feta and some other cheese that was marinated and then rolled in sesame seeds or something and lots of fruit (watermelon! grapes! strawberries!) and stuff.

I also forgot to take any photographs, so clearly we will need to do this again.

Nobody got to see any of the deer I keep boasting about (we had two in the side yard just two days ago) but there was a little field mouse that came to play for a while.

So yeah. Having a house and living in the woods? Very cool. Having friends over for dinner? Priceless.

I am so sorry to have missed!

But you know, distance and all.

I was there in spirit. Did you feel it?
Sounds like a great time! In my family, odds are very good that something will get left in the fridge or on the counter when entertaining. You could pretend you made the potato salad and forgot to get it out.
It was a great evening. I apologize for coming later than most but for some reason, I thought it was an evening affair. You have a terrific family...and group of friends. Many thanks for your hospitality.

Your fan
I'm glad the party was successful and you had a good time.
damn damn damn. Wish that I could have made it, and I'm very sorry for having to cancel on you at the extreme last minute. Bleh. I'm glad the food won't be wasted though, but I'm still feeling the guilt. Instead I had to sit around Portland and swelter. SWELTER! ARGGGH.

_Carrie, who would much rather have been at the party.
Oh you do sound like you had a wonderful time. If I had of been there, the wine would have been depleated along with the beer. But alas, I'm down here knitting & you're up there having a party!
Will definitely be up in the next few weeks - sounds like I missed a great bash, but the budgie can attest that you did not want to be around me. I am not fun when I feel like ass. soon though!
I think you may be on to something with the "puta bread" idea.
*raises hand*

I have a question. You go to a place called "Ukranian Tire" to get a BBQ?

WTF kind of kickass country are you running up there, anyway? We just go to Lowe's. Or some other place that's boring.
Dude. You flashed everyone at the party and you didn't take pictures?

I'm with Lee Ann. Next time we demand you supply us with pants free drunken photos.

And yeah, we only get tires at our tire stores. But then, we can buy fishing bait at the local auto parts store. Hee!
Ukranian Tire???
Yeah - what libby said.
I'll be there next time.
Yeah, well, I was there, and no flashing was seen. She most definitely had pants on. Mind, I left early.

The food included the best tzatziki I've ever had. Ever. The princess was a joy, and nice to meet you Suzanne. Great party, Rabbitch.
Dude, sounds like it was a bitchin' party.
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