Thursday, June 01, 2006


2x2 Rib Is Eating My Soul

Well, here we are and it's almost Tuesday! Yes, Tuesday. I didn't say by WHICH Tuesday I'd be finished, did I?

Secret Project #1 is almost finished. Here's a sneak peek.

The observant may note that if these two pieces are supposed to be the same, they are not. I seem to be so tired that I have managed to confuse garter stitch and stocking stitch.

The error was tinked and they now match.

The fourth and final part of Secret Project #1 has an awful lot of 2x2 rib in it. You'd think I would have learned from last year's fiasco with the Dulaan scarf, but no such luck.

please note, if I am making something for you in 2x2 rib, you likely a very tiny baby, possibly as yet unborn, so i guess i learned something, but not so much

The wool is Peruvian Highland Wool from to whom I am too weary to link, but it's very nice wool and they have great prices and fantastic customer service so go buy their stuff okthanksbye.

Going for a nap before work now.


I feel for you, uh, I think. Or I'm confused. Insane repetition but with awesome yarn.
They say that driving while sleepy can be just as dangerious as driving drunk.

So don't sleep and knit. Have a good nap.
If you had asked, I would have warned you off the k2p2 rib, but only if you promise to slap me if I every try the railway stitch sock aqain (1&2: k1p1k1p2; 3:k5; 4&5: k1p2k1p1; 6: k5).
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