Friday, May 26, 2006


We Have Enough Wool

After clearing out part of the first storage locker today (I have two) Her Surreal Highness informed me that we have enough wool to last "through Christmas, through Easter, through Hallowe'en, through Valentines Day and through the holiday." Seems like that's enough, to me.

See? A quick flash of the infamous Roving Cupboard. The stuff on the left is all carded and ready to spin (and it would seem there is some that hasn't made it into the cupboard yet). The stuff on the right is all washed and dyed, but needs to be carded still.

And this? Peeking around the corner? Um, the dark green bag on the bottom is the entire first fleece of a little Cheviot lamb that has been washed but still needs to be carded and spun. On top of that is a bag of washed Dorset, and then on top of that a bag of washed adult Cheviot. The bin on top of the roving cupboard? Um, more Cheviot, I think. Could be Dorset. Going to be spun and then woven into rugs anyhow, so I suppose it doesn't matter which it is, does it?

Yes. Yes, that's definitely enough wool. Especially when you consider that there are probably another six or seven entire fleeces waiting to be washed, and quite a lot more wool that's already spun hanging around somewhere.

Definitely enough.

Which is why today, after a two-month yarn fast, I bought nine skeins of sock yarn.

I'm not sure if it's a blessing or an illness.

Watch for hand-dyed sock yarn, coming soon to a sidebar near you.

Flash Your Stash was last month.
Nice sock yarn purchase. Are you going to use as is or dye it?
I only see some wool. Where's all the wool that's already yarn?
Mark, Mark ... Like Ann said, Flash your Stash was last month. This month is Reveal your Roving or Strut about your Studio or something.

I don't have the shelving up for the yarn yet, and also haven't managed to procure about 10 dressers to hold it all ...

You coming over to play?
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