Saturday, May 20, 2006


To Distract You

From the complete lack of knitting content (I've been knitting, I've just also been tinking) and the complete lack of progress on the studio, I present for your viewing pleasure, more Nature Walk pictures.

here are trees. in the woods

oh look it's another tree. in the woods. who knew?

ooh! a dry stream bed. and, um, more trees. in the woods

We went to a whole buncha places today, and there are photos, but if I don't go and spin some more right now, I'm going to die, so stay tuned.

spinnage. merino/tussah. i assume you understand the need, now

OOooooh, to everything. Trees are grand, spinnage is yummy.
I really love that your backyard is the woods. How great is that.
The spinning is NICE.
Well, no one can accuse you of not seeing the forest for the trees...

Merino/tussah makes me weak in the knees.
Pretty trees. And yarn.
Ohhhh shiny fiber!! I understand the need mightily!
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