Saturday, May 13, 2006


Send Help

My house is full of children. I don't like children, remember? And yet ... my house is full of children.

One is being a complete drama queen (she has very borderline asthma, has decided she can't breathe) one is being about 4 years old (crying for her mom) even though she's almost ten and one is being a defiant little twatmonkey (this latter child is mine) and is insisting on having about ten bowls of sugar-laden cereal rather than going to bed.

I have absolutely no control over these children. I think they can sense my fear.

I do, however, have a modicum of control over my scanner again. Here is a quick scan of what A Very Talented Young Man sent me.

does this picture make my ass look fat?

Back to battling with ... um ... something.

Is it time to start with the drinking yet?

Happy Mother's Day?
When extra children are involved, it's never NOT time to start drinking!
That MUST become a tattoo. Seriously.

Happy Mother's Day!
I can send you some bourbon. That always helps me when we're overrun by small children. You still won't have any control over them, but you will have the illusion that you do.
I feel for ya. I got to deal with 4 boys under age 7 yesterday that decided that no one could move slower than the speed of light. Thankfully nothing was broken save for a few balloons. heh

I love Franklin's gift. I also agree with the tattoo idea. I'm sure it will look lovely on your left asscheek. HEHEHE
Well, as my FIL to be always says, "it's five o'clock somewhere" (he usually says this during car shows to justify the vodka and 7-up he's holding at noon-ish)
Happy??? Mother's Day......
Mother's Day!
(Note no Happy wishes...just sayin')
I really like "twatmonkey". Can I use "twatmonkey"? I ADORE "twatmonkey"! (I have a ten year old girl that it describes PERFECTLY!)
And besides, it might be worth a bottle of 151 Rum!
Love the Franklin original. It is just adorable!!
and about the kids...I have a friend that has QUADS...can you even imagine? They are finishing up first grade. I have ONE and I can't imagine 3 more of him!!!!
I'm with Rachel. That would be a cool tattoo!
But where to put it.....?
I am so @^$^$%^#$)(* jealous of your Franklin original i am tempted to just to drink myself into a stupor. dayam you have the charm, girl.
A Franklin original.. how cool! If you would like, I can make it into a banner for your blog.. just let me know!
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