Sunday, May 21, 2006


Resistence is Futile

I taught the child how to draft fibre for spinning tonight. Not even six years old and she's got her paws around the merino/tussah and she loves it (and seems to understand it, too.)

You will be assimilated.

Who wouldn't love the merino/tussah, Her mother's daughter.
right on! my little bit ties yarn i've made on to the bobbin and then spin it in like he's really doin' it. kids are cool!

also, didya listen to my podcast? didya, didya?

Bean, who is four, makes me sit down and knit with her. I have to help alot, but she has a little project and we work on it when she wants to knit. Remember this time, because someday they won't want to be just like mama. (WHAAAAAAH!)
Get 'em when they're young! Mine (at 21) makes fun of my knitting, or at least how much I knit. However, she rarely makes fun of spinning (no logic there, is there?). At any rate, she does, on occasion, actually ask for something knitted.
Dude. If you get her hooked on the good stuff this early, by the time she's eight you won't be able to satisfy her with the crap yarn/roving from your stash. You'll have no one to blame but yourself.
Wow! Very cool.
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