Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Phoning It In

I am totally faking it today. I am exhausted (2 hours sleep) and still moving all of my stuff which I can't get finished by Wednesday (oh dog, that's tomorrow) but which I have to get finished by Wednesday. So I'll distract you with this:

This is a site I'm enjoying at the moment. I found it through Rachael The Most Excellent Photographer's blog.

My horoscope today? Well, just take a look-see:

"Your power animal is the queen bee, which lays up to 2,000 eggs a day in the spring. Like her, you are stupendously fertile. In fact, you're capable of so much creative expression that it could take months for you to ripen all the new life that you're now spawning. Just because you have this potential, however, doesn't guarantee that you will use it well or completely. There's a first important step you can take to help ensure that you do: Treat yourself with the same care and reverence and optimism you would a woman who's nine months pregnant."

Gotta like that action.

Um, that means I should sleep more, doesn't it?

No...sadly I think it means you should make yourself too uncomfortable to sleep, overheat, sprout hemmorhoids, subject yourself to a weekly pelvic exam, and turn in small circles while muttering to yourself because you forgot what you were about to do...

Luckily it also means you should eat lots of ice cream.
Greetings, fellow Aquarian! Great link...hope you get more sleep!
we share the same horoscope ---- way too much pregnancy talk for me! all the laying of eggs .....
2000 eggs a day... that's a lot of omelets.
I'd say Signs Are Good For Some Dyeing with a horoscope like that.
And definitely eat more chocolate.
Eat chocolate, hug some wool, get some sleep.
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