Sunday, May 28, 2006


The Only Time You Are Allowed To Say Poo In School

Is when you are reading the book about the chickens.

This was explained to me in detail yesterday by my small gap-toothed fuhrer.

Who knew?

I think this singular lack of knowledge on my part may explain many of the tribulations I experienced while battling the public school system. It may, in fact, explain how I got to be a middle-aged foul-mouthed drunken knitterspinnerfibreartist living in a house full of wool.

For I must admit, to my eternal shame, to having said poo upon several occasions not involving chickens at all.

And now you know. Govern yourself accordingly.

there is an incubator in Eleanor's school. there were eggs in it, and all of the chicks hatched last week. seemingly they have a book about chicks and their development, and the word "poo" appears in this book. apparently if you say "poo" at any other time it is a Very Bad Thing. even if you have to do it.

into the mud, scum queen! i distinctly heard you say poo!

I think, alas, it is too late to mend my ways.

Oh poo. I'm doomed.

You need to learn to say s***. That will redeem you.
Why is it that little girls her age are so bossy? My daughter was just the same. Wait, she's still kind of that way. My son isn't, he just goes with the flow, but she has VERY precise ideas of What Should Be Done.

Great tooth(less) pic, too!
At school, they told the kids that they couldn't say things like "You are a Poopy Butthead." because those are "bathroom words".

Last night in the bath, Bean repeatedly tells me that I am a Poopy Butthead. When I reprimanded her, she told me that those were bathroom words and she was in the bathroom and therefore it was OK. We had to have a little clarification.
this may explain everything.
I guess that puts Winnie the Pooh in the banned book category.

I've had a pottymouth since I said "Gawd" in the 4th grade. Twice. I learned later on to temper my words around certain people like my dad, because (according to my mother) it got him very upset when his little girls swore.
So does the little toothless fuhrer have to eat everything with a straw right now?
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