Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Only the Lonely

Today was hard.

I had a bath and there was nobody sitting worriedly on the side of the tub, making sure by sheer kittenly will that I didn't drown. Nobody drank any of the bathwater, either.

I knit on my bathmat (yes, I'm making bathmats. Stop laughing or you won't get one) and nobody fought me for possession of the yarn. This may be the first item I've ever made that doesn't have catspit in it.

Shut up. I like catspit.

I took a nap and my ear was unoccupied by a small wet nose. I had nobody to hold. Nobody tried to suffocate me by actually sleeping on my face. (Yes I, the world's lightest sleeper, the person who can be woken by a moth farting next door, can sleep with an entire cat actually ON my face.)

I don't know if I'll ever be able to make or eat a ham sandwich again. Ham just tastes like slices of dead pig if you don't have anyone to share it with. Tasty dead pig, but ... you know ... dead pig, nonetheless.

It's very lonely. Like being widowed but without the benefit of less laundry.

I'll get over it. I'm still crying but I'll get over it.

Anyone suggests I get a fish instead, you're going to find yourself needing a goldfishectomy, btw. Be forewarned. Except for you, Lee Ann. I wouldn't do that to you or Elmo.

But enough about me.

My heart may be broken, but the rest of me is doing just fine. Someone who needs some positive thoughts, however, for actual broken bones is Mr. Etherknitter. He seems to have had a mishap requiring him to pretty much grow a new leg which, if you're not a starfish, isn't the easiest thing to do.

The Big Knitting Mojo has been called upon. In the interest of inspiring his leg to "knit" a new bone, Maryse has designed a button (which I'm not putting here 'cause I'm not on my own computer and I can't figure out the saving it to my own server thingie from here), Kellee has flashed her finished Rogue (go look, it's gorgeous!), and Beth has bravely displayed her Drawer of Shame. Me? Well, I'm going to ... hrm. Knit a second sock to go with the first one I ever made? Finish Kiri? Knit me some lace curtains with the thousands of yards of crochet thread I found while moving?

OK, not the last one. A couple of folks have said they'll have me locked up if I even consider it (but just the kitchen window? Please? It's only little!)

Got it! I will post a "before" shot tomorrow (or the next day, whenever I find my freakin' camera) of the disaster that is the room that shall become my studio. And then I'll give myself um, a week? No, ten days to kick its ass completely and make it into a space in which I can actually work. All in honour of Mr. E. and his recalcitrant limb.

I have no idea what happens if his leg won't cooperate. I'm pretty sure the studio won't blow up or anything. Just in case, though, I'm going to send him all possible good thoughts, as well.

So, whatchoo gonna do?

Desperately sorry about your cats - don`t know why they had to go, but the thing about animals is, you always have to do the right thing for them, even if it feels bad at the time.
And then you always have that consolation, even when you miss them .
sorry about the cats,... ( and thanks).
I'm so sorry about your babies...good thoughts and karma coming your way.
You know how I feel about the lace curtains (and the other stuff), but I think I may have found a solution in one of the old magazines I bought last weekend.

And Mr. Etherknitter? Let me give it some thought.
I crocheted some cotton bath mats several years ago. They are fabulous. I'm seriously thinking about making a couple more to put in storage in case one of the old ones give you. Love them!

Sorry about your kittens. As annoyed as I am about my little hair depositors I'd miss them terribly if they ever had to go.
I'm sorry you had to give up your kitties. Allergies suck. (I know... I have them. LOTS of them.)

I'm finishing up the craziest crazy-ghan that's been in progress for more than a year. I got very close last night, and will definitely finish tonight. (I hope crazy mojo works for Mr Etherknitter.)
:: hugs :: figured you could use some.
Nah, goldfish are poopy. Bathmats? Crochet cotton lace curtains? You are suffering. Clearly a form of derangement has set in.

Glad to hear you're doing a bit better, all the same.
I've glommed onto your Mojo. All day, I've been doing the same "office" thing in my workspace/study. Cleaning. Organizing. Creating order. (Oops. Pseudo-order.) Maybe Mr. E's bone will get the idea? Thank you...I can't wait to see the after.
Tadpoles are fun . . . but I do hear they grow up to be frogs, and that might not be so much fun. Kitties are by far the best pet and there's just no way around that!
As you know, I'll lite candles for anything. And I know the mojo for bone regeneration. I did it for my arm--broke it in 3 places. It took me a year, but I went from not being able to hold a pencil to knitting socks.
Unfortunately my lower half picked up on the chant and tried to grow me a new leg, too. I shit you not. Bone grew *just like a starfish* (but it wasn't in the right direction, and I needed another surgery to remove it).
And get this one: the doc's call it HO (heterotopic ossification). A gimping ho, I was. I can't even begin to make this stuff up.

I feel bad you are kitty sad :-(
I can't imagine not being able to have my cat with me--he's almost an appendage anyway!! I'm sure I could knit more and longer and better--without him on my chest--but it wouldn't be the same!! I'm so sorry you couldn't keep them, and I hope you can find allergy shots or meds so that maybe in the future you can get a little one!!
I am deathly allergic to cats. My allergist was always after me to get rid of mine. When she died, two years ago, he changed his tune. He decided that the stress of my not having a cat was worse than the allergic reactions which was treatable by good drugs. I've lived without one for a bit more than 2 years but not much longer. It is very, very lonely and I feel your pain.

You'll have to drop by Jeanne's blog to get some Russian Blue fixes...
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