Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Not There Yet

Thank you, all, for the response to my sweaty flashbacks yesterday.

Not menopausal yet. No sweats (apart from when my car is over 80 degrees), no strange(er than usual) quirks or happenings.

Just, apparently, my ageing body has realized that if I'm going to use the few eggs I have left, I'd better start licking the sweat offa strangers again, or something.

Yes, it was very odd. I enjoyed it and hope it happens again.


Ah, to have known you back then.
I would have hated you, because I was WAY. TOO. PRISSY. I would have been all judgemental and stuff, and probably secretly burning with envy that you had fun and I had library books.
I like to think I've loosened up a tad. Not that much, though, so I'll just enjoy your chemical flashback vicariously, mmmmkay?
I hope you have it happen again, but only on your terms. And hope is as enjoyable.
PERImenopausal, sweets -- a very, very nice time while it lasts. Husbands are grateful.
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