Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Not OK

It's been nine days. I can still hardly breathe.

mommies aren't allowed to have favourites. sometimes your heart doesn't read the rule book

I wrote a post about how horrible I feel and bla bla bla but decided to take it down because really, I can wallow in this shit all alone, can't I?

There have been many things to comfort me (although none are helping, noticeably, except for sleep, liquor and pharmaceuticals)

There has been wool:

this was washed and dried by me. it's either Dorset or Cheviot and it will eventually be part of a rug.

There has been barn:

this is the view of the east half of my garage (which I keep calling "the barn" for some reason)

There has been more barn:

this is the west half. this entire thingie is mine. as well as the studio. yes.

For the curious, the barn is about 19x23 feet.

There has, for some reason, been a picture taken of the ceiling:

ooh, spiders

There has been more wool:

this was sent to me by Farm Witch. it's even more beautiful than it looks; she's a jeenyus.

There have been noticeably no photographs taken of the studio.

Um, I'm holding off so that I can wow you with pictures of the complete transformation on Sunday. Yes, really. Sunday.

Shut up.

where are those damned elves?!

Don't bother looking for the elves here....they were supposed to show up to scrape the master bathroom down to a level less than "ewwwww" and still haven't shown up yet.

Guess it's left to me. sheesh.
I think the elves are off planning something - probably drinking beer in the trees and laughing their asses off - at us. So glad you liked the wool. Had I the foresight to know before I sent it that you'd be nursing a major broken heart - I'd have at least thrown some chocolate or coffee and irish creme in there.
Could you keep just one, and have it live in the studio? (You are putting a bed in there, aren't you? You could have naps there all the time while waiting for inspiration...)
Or could you forsake some yarn or make bizillions of stitch markers in order to buy a huge supply of skookum antihistamines for the s.o.?
So, I guess I have this question - if you have to take pharmaceuticals in concoction with alcohol (my favorite lunch) to live without kitties, why didn't Allergic Person (I missed the post where you said who that was) take pharmaceuticals to live with said kitties? Was that tried, and I missed it?
It seems a real shame that you couldn't keep just one (like your favorite). Is it worth finding out if the little one is still at the shelter and negotiating keeping it in your studio? Might even try teaching the kitty to tolerate baths. I've heard that can really cut down on the allergens. My daughter's cats tolerate getting a bath pretty well; they hate the blow dryer; but tolerate the bath itself.
I heart your barn. It's very large...that's awesome!!

(Sorry, I'm not very chatty today, but wanted to chime in on your barn.)
Now that we've seen your barn, it's clear that the lack storage space will no longer be a hinderance to the volume of your stash.
I miss the kitties too.
Well maybe you call it a barn cause it looks darn close to one. All the lovely beams must be why.
Now how many piles of sheep ass could you stack in there?
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