Friday, May 12, 2006


In Which Technology Defeats Me

It's been one of those days. You know, the sort of day where you do something stupid (like tighten your lug nuts and then try to take off your wheel) and then run around for hours trying to fix it and blaming everyone else.

So, um, I disabled my computer connection and then sort of lost my shit quite a bit, for maybe a couple of hours.

Just before phoning the ISP and reaming them out I thought I'd maybe reverse the thingie I'd done earlier and it's all good now.

However, this in no way makes my scanner work (WTF? Plug and play or plug and flay? Really, the truth in advertising people have to get on this) and we just won't talk about my webcam or the state of my studio, mmkay? So the lack of scanner means that a) I can't show you what The Cutest Boy in All the Land sent me and b) I can't list the new stitch markers I made. Stay tuned for updates some time over the weekend.

Oh yeah, and despite being anti-war-and-violence toys I bought my daughter a gun that shoots foam darts.

I'm deeply ashamed, but dudes, there's only so many My Little Ponies that you can buy before you have to start shooting stuff.

Hold still, willya?

If I had know you were going over to the dark (gun) side, I'd have skipped the Barbie crap and sent water pistols all these years!
Feeling better I hope. I had one of those days, too. both printers malfunctioning. I should get one of those dart guns, Does it shoot pink foamy darts?
Now if you can get her to start shooting at the pink ponies with the darts...then my kid will want to hang out with her.
You might try shooting foam darts at the scanner (while it's closed).
If it isn't one thingy it's another. You need a digital camera ... works better than scanning and it's portable. But another set of problematic technology glitches to deal with ... still portable tho, lol.
My kid asked for a Living Dead doll so that she could scare her Barbies.

There's hope yet.

Little Ponies, all lined up, are great for target practise....
Well, I don't know what kind of scanner you have, or if you've installed everything necessary, but I do know one scanner quirk: they have to be plugged directly into the computer in question. They do not like hubs or other secondary connections.

Just a thought. My Mom forgets this all the time and then has to get me to "fix" the scanner. If this advice doesn't apply, then sic the Little Ponies on the it.
Must just be that kind of day. Started out a nice, sunny spring day, so I hung the laundry out to dry. It's now in the dryer after some thunderstorms rolled through and soaked it.
Just a phrase correction on "Plug and Play" for you... It's supposed to be "Plug and PRAY" as in on your knees and hope to G that it works!
So has she started shooting the Little Ponies with the foam gun thingie yet? Have you? ;o)
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