Saturday, May 06, 2006


If this is Saturday

Then it must be Day Three of the Grand and Glorious Studio Transformation (tm). And yet I don't seem to be 30% finished.

Dammit, I ordered Studio Elves to get in here and get all of the work done! Clearly there's something wrong here.

It's actually coming along but there's a long way to go. I can't find batteries for my camera, so pictures will hopefully be up tomorrow (when I've had a chance to hide more crap in the guestroom).

The good news is, I've found the thingie I was missing for the leg of the dining room table! And only 18 months after I lost it ...

Is it time for the heavy drinking to start yet? I'm pretty sure it is. Going back to watching Stupid War Stories on TV and knitting on my bathmat.

Congratulations on finding the thingie for the leg of the dining room table. I moved house nearly two years ago and I still haven't found the legs of the sofa. Which didn't even need to be taken off anyway, but that's another story. It's great to see you getting on with making the new place yours.
Finding stuff is good! We haven't moved in the last 15 years, but have managed to lose an entire 1/2 gallon jar full of square cut nails. It's been missing for about 5 years now.

It's Sunday, do you know where your elves are yet?
I am so needing those elves. Do they have a union or something because they do not seem to be working on Sundays. I have the house painted inside 6 weeks ago and I am still unpacking boxes.
Once your studio is painted white. I'm sure that the knitting machine will be at home.
With my luck, I'd find the leg and lose the table. . .
Elves get Sunday's off - it's the gremlins that work on Sundays ;o)

Congrats on locating ;o)
I am so relieved to have closure on the dining room table thingy. It was beginning to disturb my sleep.
I am so amused that you are knitting a bath mat. I'm sure when I finally buy that book, I'll start one too. Then you can be amused right back at me.
Yeah you found it! I knew you would. Now your table can be whole again.
But you do realize now that the little devils brought that piece back, there is no telling what they took off with in it's place.
Let the hunt begin.
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