Thursday, May 04, 2006


Grand and Glorious Studio Transformation

Here we are on day one.

You think it looks bad from there? Try standing in the middle of it! (Or don't. There really isn't room for two people to stand about screaming in the middle of this.)

Seems that everything that didn't immediately "fit" anywhere else got to come live in here.

Ten days. This is going to be done by the 14th if it kills me.

heh. studio studio studio. not that i'm happy or anything. carry on.

It definitely has potential ;o)
that room alone makes the house worth all the hassle.
I am beyond jealous of your studio.
You will get there because you have a target date and because you are the amazing Rabbitch! I have complete faith in your ability to accomplish your assignment. I, on the other hand am still dragging stuff out of the driveshed into the house and vice versa after almost two years because I did not set a target date and remain overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that I chose to ignore rather than organizing pre-move. Me bad!
Your studio looks like it will be awesome. Take care.
I will be magnificent in rabbit fashion. I know that as a fact.

Stubbornness can be a good family trait? I got a good chuck of it, but you definitely have some too.

the brother will be magnificent, not I..

look before ye submit posts?

the brother
you need the Ikea Ivar shelving we have stuffed into the attic! Do you want that sooner than later? Maybe we could meet up and have a little exchange of it. What's your schedule look like?
love your blog! I know you will get the studio looking fabulous, and we will all be jealous. I do not have a studio, but we have an extra bedroom that was to be the lego craft room, that had anything that did not go somewhere stuffed in there when we moved in. It was a disaster for months until I finally got sick of it. Now it is organized kinda in two halfs. One side for my crafting, and one side for hubbies legos. So much happier with it now.
I have faith. You can do it. Or go crazy trying, thereby amusing all of us. Either way. ;)
I know you'll be able to do it! And it will be so awesome when you're done!
Isn't that always the way? Anytime you proclaim a space for your own, everyone has to invade it. I am sure you will get it done. Just from knowing that you will have your own little fortress of solitude to do your own thing.
Now whether you use this gift for evil or good, that's all up to you.
Really nice [soon to be or is it now] studio. Love the long windows. It'll be a great place to work!
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