Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Getting Connected

After many false starts and lost appointments (not his fault at all) The Cable Guy came over this morning. He was friendly, efficient, and got his work done in half an hour, including installing another, more convenient cable outlet in the bedroom so that I can be a bad, bad mother and let Missy Moo be entertained by the electronic babysitter now and again. (And don't you just want to punch The Backyardigans? Creepy as all-get-out.)

After a few brief hours of sleep (truncated due to a misunderstanding as to when TCG was actually coming over) I dug through the mounds of stuff in The Studio and found all of the bells and whistles (and computers and cable modems and tables) needed to get online.

The house is so perfectly silent that the clicking of the keys is almost too loud. What a change from the last place, with the alcoholics with the blasting music to the left, the pot-smokers with the odd hours to the right, and the elephants with the wide-screen TV upstairs. I think I could get used to sitting in the (very cold) room, looking over the mossy roof of my garage and watching the light slip through the trees out back of the house. This kind of peace has been missing from my life for far too long.

I should, of course, have a fat black farting cat on my lap, a small concerned grey one at my feet and a tabby on my desk (and a little black cat desperately trying to open the fridge to help himself to the ham while everyone else is otherwise occupied) but the pain is less than it was yesterday. I don't believe it will disappear any time soon and I'm lonely as hell, but it's more bearable today.

I took photos of the wreckage of the room and will post them tomorrow. Transformation has begun, and I am determined to finish by the 14th. I have the 15th and 16th off and believe I will have enough cash to ransom my loom and the rest of my fibre (yes, I've only flashed a very small portion of my stash) out of storage by then, so I'm planning on spending a couple of days immersed in fibre up to my ears and making more stitch markers. (All of the ones that are listed are gone except for the bottom-most set. More will be up next week, FSM willing.)

Life is pretty good.

I think your little black cat has come to live with me. I bought some ham a few days ago and now I can't find it. I live alone, so it must have been your little black cat. The alternative is that I binned it in a fit of absent-mindedness and I'd rather think it was your cat.
I'm so sorry about your cats.

Hmm, then at least 1 efficient, competent Cable Guy must exist in this world. Maybe he's an alien.
Congratulations on your new home and the resultant peace!
Yeah for you being in and getting to sit in your space.
Still good thoughts coming out to you.
This is the sort of stuff we like to read, but only once in a while.

Rest up, sharpen your tonge, and post us some pictures!
That was tongue. Sharpen your tongue.
I wanna know if the cable guy had a really bad haircut and was psychotic. (wait, that was just a movie, right?)
You're welcome to come down for a cat fix and knitterama here in Portland. Can't wait to see the studio when it's complete!
I'm glad to hear you're doing better. :)
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