Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Fibre Focus

I have been very, verry good since I joined the yarn focus dealie being run by Knit-Knack. Despite being allowed one "free" purchasing day a month, I have not purchased ONE hair of fibre or ONE inch of yarn since March.

No yarn, no roving, no fleece, no thread. Dude, I think I haven't even purchased dental floss. I've managed to get a couple of little things finished, and even gave away about a pound and a half of cotton to my mother today (it made no noticeable inroad into my stash).

I went to my guild's monthly meeting tonight and it was our swap and sale night. I didn't even know it was going on or I would have made a dozen sets of stitch markers to take with me, but that's neither here nor there: I fondled fibre. I patted fibre. I smelled fibre. I even spun a little fibre.

I did not purchase one hair of fibre.

I did, however, buy a new spinning wheel. shut up

Ashford Traddie, in need of minor repairs (very minor, like a new brake band would be nice and the piece of leather that connects the treadle to the wheel-driving-stick thingie needs to be replaced). It'll cost me $13 to repair.

Nice dark wood finish. Lovingly used for many years by another guild member who is moving from 4,000 square feet to a townhouse and has to downsize. She sold it reluctantly and was very happy to see how delighted I was to get it.

$75 cdn for those of you vulgar enough to wonder

And now all I want to know is why there aren't any spinning stores open at this time of night so that I could have purchased the repair kit on the way home from the guild meeting.

I do believe I've got me some fibre that needs attention.

oh, and the comment about wanting to repeat the experience of yesterday's post? i would like to have the flashbacks again. not the sweaty drug-filled days. just to clarify and all so the ministry doesn't come and apprehend my kid

Go ahead. Hate me. I got my Ashford Traditional new, in the box, for FREE. Not one red cent. I did have to finish it myself, though, which wasn't too hard, becaue hubby plays with wood while I play with wool (and other assorted fibers). Some of the newer Asfords actually have a nylon/plastic thing instead of leather--just so you know.
I was gonna just hate you for your $75 wheel, but now I hate you and Cathy both. So not fair. Where's mine, dammit? (no, I'm not forgetting the one I borrowed from a friend. I mean one I don't have to give back once I've fixed it.)
Awesome score dude! Happy happy spinning for years to come.
I envy you so deeply right now.

My roommate has told me that if I bring another snippet of fiber into our house before I actually knit another stitch, she'll (in her words) "cut all of the little ball things into confetti and throw a parade".

That is not nice. I need a wheel immediately.
Wow, congrats on the wheel!
ok.not only am I new.....I'm vulgar...but only because I have been drooling over spinning wheels since forever!!! I'm green with envy! Especially since I live in Arizona and haven't met a single spinner in the 6 years I've been here. I think they stop them at the border because of all that raw wool...hehe...I'll just have to be content with my little drop spindle for awhile longer! Congratulations on a great score!..jenna
Well, think of it this way, you may not have bought any yarn/roving/fleece or thread, HOWEVER: you did by a HOUSE, which is just a big storage container for yarn & roving & fleece & thread...right? Heh you're so organized. Thank you for the housing Karma, I will have updates soon, avec pix. I'll be drinkin to ya, Happy New Home!
I think I'm gonna cry. I want to try a spinning wheel so badly. I want to learn to spin. I want a beautiful wheel to sit at an do all this. And I want one for less than $300. *sigh*

I'm going to go curl up with a ball of wool until I feel better.
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