Sunday, May 14, 2006


Did I Say The 14th?

I meant the 24th. That is when I shall have the studio done by.

24th. Twenty. Fourth. Not the fourteenth. Nope.

Nothing to see here. Carry on.

So, did everyone have a good mother's day (she asks, hastily changing the subject)?

I got a handmade card and a flower in a decorated pot, and then we went to the Senior's Centre for a pancake breakfast with my parents.

My husband has some sort of Passport to Tourism thingie or whatever it's called and we get to go to all of the fun places for pretty much nothing for the rest of the month. Basically we pay for Eleanor and that's it (and she's free at some places 'cause she's only five).

If we hit fifteen attractions before the end of the month (I was disappointed to note that no noodie bars were included, I could have taken Dolores) then we get a free pass for two good for the next eleven months. Deal, or what? We're starting late in the month but we think we can still make it.

Today we went to the Vancouver Aquarium and then took a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride around the park while I knit on a square for this in green Scheepjeswol. I like that stuff a lot! Gonna have to comb the stash and see how much I have.

Anyhow, the day was way cool and cost us $85 less than it would have had we paid full price and then we came home and I hung new curtains (well new to me) that a friend had given me while Ben made a big pasta dinner.

The curtains are crumpled and about a foot too long, but it's a big improvement. Now instead of looking like trailer trash with bedsheets at the windows, we look like trailer trash with drapes.

Movin' on up, baby.

studio updates tomorrow, I promise!

Drapes that are too long + crumpled = shabby chic. So you can say it's a look you were going for....
I definitely remember you mentioning the 24th...yep yep!

Oh and I agree on the shabby chic ;o)
I got a notepad that my son designed the picture for himself. I'll have to post a photo...maybe turn it into a bit of a contest.

Miss you.
Where are yooooooooooo....

Ahem. I'm going through Jelliebun withdrawal.

I had a rabbit couscous for Mother's Day, after my kid reminded my husband that husbands are supposed to help kids do something for their mothers....

And a painting of a snowing rainbow with an elf, a squirrel, and what I think was supposed to be a cat, but it could be a pony.
It wasn't the 24th all along? Ah. My mistake. :-)
That's great that you had such a fun day!
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