Wednesday, May 24, 2006


And The Walls Come Tumblin' Down

Well, it's not exactly the battle of Jericho, bt the walls are comin' tumblin' down anyhow.

Seems that The Barn is structurally unsound and, while I regret not having a great big workshop, I must admit that the studio will (have to) be sufficient, and the prospect of dying under a heap of sodden stucco and rot-infested joists really doesn't appeal.

Also too I'll double the size of my back yard (ha! typed that as "back yarn". thank you dr. freud) and have a great excuse to go to Ukranian Tire or Revy or something and get some of those cute outdoor storage boxes and maybe even a couple of cute garden sheds (which will immediately be occupied by cute wolf spiders, as was the cute wooden box out front of the house. I keep reminding myself that spiders are beneficial. I keep forgetting.)

The work on the studio continues apace, although um, did I say the 24th? I meant the 10th. Of June. Yeah, that's what I meant all righty.

June 10th.

The second bobbin of the merino/tussah is almost spun and if I wasn't going out to get likkered up with The Family Stump tonight I'd finish it and ply it. You may remember I mentioned The Family Stump on November 7 or so of last year. They haven't become any more tasteful but seemingly enough time has passed that The Railway Club has forgotten such gems as "Have You Seen My Taint" and are going to let them play again.

I believe there's a Dating Game tonight, also with the handsome Ronnie Stump as the host. Come join me around 10pm if you can. I intend to be pretty seriously likkered up by 10:30 but I'll still be coherent at 10.


Bummer about the shed! Funny how no one I know ever calls it Canadian Tire anymore! We fondly refer to it as Cambodian Tire.
Have a great time tonight! Last time I was at the Railway was to see Sweet Dick a long while ago. They need to do another show soon.
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