Monday, May 01, 2006


And If My Voice Starts Suddenly Shaking

Don't be confused any more
It's just the sound of my heart breaking
Ship to shore.

The move is over. It was utterly horrible, but it's over.

The cats are all at the SPCA. I'm devastated.

It was necessary. It's for the best. But if it's so damned good then why can't I stop crying? (If I go on much longer I'm going to need an IV for dehydration. I'm so graceful. The red nose and swollen mouth is an especially nice touch.)

More when I'm human again.

I'm so sorry. It never helps much that it's the right thing, because then you just feel you have no right to be sorry. But you do! Good thing he isn't allergic to wool though, isn't it?
Oh, Rabbitch!

Horrible. Sasha too? My cure for a convulsive cry-out is a hot bath, complete with a steaming washcloth over the face. It does nothing for the redness but stops the muscle spasms and unblocks the sinuses. Tylenol and water and bed. It'll get better eventually. Promise.
Cats? Oh, no.

Here's my shoulder.
Oh no, I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry about your cats. :(
why did you have to give up your cats?
time for that aforementioned hot bath ....
Oh sweetie. I'm so sorry.
Oh, honey. I'm so sorry. I wish I could come and adopt them for you. Hang in there, you'll be so happy in your new home that all of this will be worth it.
I am so sorry you had to give up the babies.
Now you have no weapons of cat destruction to work with.
But I understand allergies --my son is very allergic --so my cat owning days are over.
Glad you got moved --now it will be settling in.
Huggs to you!
'for the best' and 'good' sometimes have absolutely nothing to do with each other. I'm so sorry, sweetheart. Big Hugs.
Sometimes the right thing just sucks!
Oh no . . . I'm devastated for you!
Same thing happened here with Asthma Girl. It SO sucked. We both cried buckets. We're not even sure she has a true allergy to cats yet, because they can't test for it for another year or so, but the upshot was, "want your kid to breathe? get rid of the kitties." We did it when we moved here and it was a horrible adjustment, but we're thinking about fish now. Not the same, but at least we can name something Elmo. (Oddly, the husband doesn't like that we have to inflict it on a fish.)

I'm so sorry, darling.
We're going to need another box of tissues. I wub you, Rabbitch. Put a soft pair of panties on your head and get some rest.
So sorry! Doing the right thing sucks sometimes.
Crap. Damnit. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. HUG.
Sucks deeply. My condolences on your loss. They will be okay, and someday, so will you.
I do feel for your loss. I just lost one of my own babies last wed. I wish I lived closer so I could adopt them and then you could come visit anytime.

thinking about you in your time of need.

anne marie in philly
Oh, I am so sorry. That it was the right thing to do doesn't make it any easier.

So, so sorry.
Oh, balls. I'm sorry, sweets.
Oh, no. I'm so sorry. *hugs*
Sorry just doesn't seem like enough. Very good thoughts coming your way.
Oy, that hurts. It will pass. I wish you strength.
Ah. Good brave work you did though I'm sorry about it. I'm glad you got all moved.
Hugs and dammit!!
Sometimes, being an adult is a vile thing.
I know this doesn't help your pain right now, but one of our very loving cats came from a family that really didn't want to give him up. It hurt them so bad, in fact, that after we'd had him for a week, they called to ask for him back. But a couple hours later, they remembered why they had given him up, and they let us keep him. He is a very healthy, well-loved, and eternally energetic kitty, and I feel blessed to have him. Your darlings WILL find a good home. Meanwhile, get the IV ready and keep crying, because you're not crazy at all for missing them so much. *hugs!*
Oh no! My heart is breaking with you. I can't even imagine how hard it must have been. There aren't enough salty swearwords in the world.
Oh, Bunny! I am very sorry to hear about the kitties. However you did the responsible thing and someone is going to adopt them and love them and squeeze them all up! I should know! All my kitties have been rescues and all of them have been special. And I squeezed love into them all!
I'm so sorry.
I'm sure that by now you're tired of reading it... but I'm crying a tear or two for you here. I can't imagine parting w/ my furry ones.
But... I'm eternally grateful to who-ever it was that found the strength to part with four of the cats who found their way to my local humane society over the years.
So.. on behalf of the person (or people or family(ies)) who adopt(s) your babies, thank you for having the strength to do what is right, now matter how wrong it feels.
Drink some extra water, have a big fluffy bubble bath with wine and chocolate, and wake up to revel in YOUR NEW HOUSE!!!!
i'm sorry honey. everyone else has said it all, but i'm still sorry.
I'm so sorry, chica. Do they have SPCHs? (for husbands)
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