Monday, May 22, 2006


Adventures in Rabbitchland

So, as I mentioned before, we've been busy running about this fair city of ours, trying to get enough stamps on our Tourism Passport to get a free pass to most of the tourist attractions in the city for the next year. We're at either 10 or 11 out of 15 now and we've got to the end of the month, so we're pretty much set.

Here's one of the fun things we got to do:

do you really expect me to get into that thing? it's held up by a string!

ok, so i got in. i've actually done this many times before. it still makes me want to barf, especially when it sways over the towers.

look ma! there's snow!

It was actually a pretty good day but I would never pay full price to do something like that. It would have been about $50 for an eight-minute ride up to see a couple of film clips from The Discovery Channel. Good film, and I really do love being up there (and there's lots more to do than just that) but really. Dude. I can buy a lot of food (liquor, yarn ...) for fifty bucks!

I'd rather just stay home and engage in some whacking of the weeds. Which, from the looks of it, someone had better do right quick.

thank fsm i gave up guilt for lent

Is that a grimace or a smile on your face?

Looks too scarey for me. One of the reasons I never took up downhill skiing. That and I'd like to keep my bones in one piece.
Listen. You've moved to the woods, now you have to learn to talk "country". Those aren't weeds, that's The Garden.

I distinctly see flowers. Yes, dandelions are not only flowers, they're edible which makes that a vegetable garden as well.
That looks like so much fun.
oh good lord, are you mad? it is held up by a string!

my abilty to do such thrilling things is so decreased since my younger days. yep, i went bungee jumping, rollercoastering, sky riding, and now...not a chance!

the little one is beautiful, i mean to say that each time i see a pic but forget. so there.
Not only is it string, it doesn't even seem to go all the way to the next tower. (shudder)

I can resist spinning much more than I can resist my fear of heights.
Love your yard. And yeah, dandelions are salad greens!
You did hear about the folk who got stuck in the gondola over the East River in NYC last month? Hours. Lots of hours.
The adventure in your own backyard. When you gave up guilt, was that giving into it or inducing it into spouses? Time, however, would be better spent organizing that stash.
The sun is shining on you, it's been a long time coming. I'm jealous of your new home, but it's a good jealous.
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