Friday, April 07, 2006


Y'all Are Magic

And all y'all (that's the plural) are wonderful. And likely all cramped up.

How 'bout you uncross this, that and the other, stop dancing like a loon, blow out the candles, go get dressed and have a beer or three, while I start packing everything for my move to my new house. Next week.

We got the house.

And now I think I'm going to go lie down and try to get a nap while I figure out how the hell I'm going to do all of this.

Thank you, everyone.


Congrats on getting the house!! :D

I'm glad to see your luck is turning. Now send some of the good luck down here to Iowa. hehe
Yay! Yay!

*uncrosses everything*
*happy house getting dance*

Oh, awesome! Congratulations, what fantastic news.
Yay!!!! Congratulations! And... holy crap, next *week*??
I've officially uncrossed everything -- I'm so happy to see you have a string of good luck and excellent news!
*uncrossing various appendages* Oh Sweet FSM the CRAMPS! The Pins and Needles! THE PAAAAAAAAIIINNN...

Dude, you're worth all of it. Congratulations on the house. *hugs*
Congratulations! Happy dance!
w00t! Life is good, sometimes!
Congratulations! I hope that your move is more pain-free than mine has been. Flippin' rain.
Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo!

Now I'm really doing a Daffy Duck.

I can't tell you how happy I am for you. I don't care if your family ever sees you again, but once you've moved please stop fondling fibre periodically to post.
Awesome!! I'm glad SOMEBODY is getting a big new house... we need more space too. But I'm sitting here with a big ol' smile on my face!
I'm also impressed that a Scottish Canadian chick can use the Southern vernacular correctly!! It's not everyone who knows the correct usage of "All Y'all" :-)
well, that's two pieces of good news you have received this week (benign AND house). good things come in threes, so I wonder what #3 will be? inquiring minds wanna know.....

I will stop the happy happy joy joy dancing for now.

congratulations! I envy your studio!

anne marie in philly
Happy New House-thoughts are coming your way!

Marika in Sweden
That's fantastic! I'm so excited for you!
Woo Hoo! What great news. You're going to have your own studio, your own studio!
that is wonderful!!!!
wheeee! again :)
Woohoo!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like it`s your day, your month and your year !

Dancing happy!!!!!
Dancing joy!!!!
Someone get these red shoes OFF!!!!!
YAY! Happy for the good news. I shall now ceremoniously extinguish said candle ;-) ~bonnie
That's totally awesome! Woo-hoo!!

Congrats, and good luck with packing!

Doomed spinning n00b
This, after "benign"? You better be buying a lottery ticket!



I'm putting the sacred stones back in their cupboard. They have served you well.

Hooray! I'm glad that the cramping served some useful purpose!
Fabulous news! I'm so glad you got it!
Woop woop woop!
Congrats!! I am so happy for you. And I have been crossed for so long, I look like I have been to the frog pond too many times! heehee
But I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Happy Dance!!
Been preoccupied and therefore not surfing recently...but yay, you got the house!!

woohooo! now i can uncross my boobs!
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