Friday, April 28, 2006


What Do You Call ...

... a company that is booked to do your move at 4pm but which sends their drivers at 1:40?

... a company that is informed that you have a piano to move and which tells you that it is a two-man job and will cost $xx per hour, but then sends movers incapable of moving your piano?

... a company who has nobody available to answer emergency calls from the drivers who need to get your piano moved?

... a company who, when the third man finally shows up, gets the TWO men to move the piano, claims it's a THREE man job and charges you for three men for the entire time, including the hour that you were standing about, making coffee for the aforementioned TWO movers because there was nothing else to do?

... a company whose third person (owner? manager? assbeagle? who knows) insults you and your house when he finally bothers to get his offensively-hairy ass over to the aforementioned house, to move the previously-declared piano.

... a company whose representative refuses to give you a receipt for the huge amount of money you have given him for this fairly small move? A company whose representative only agrees to give you a receipt after he adds the GST, making some fairly nasty conclusions pretty easy to jump to?

I'd call them A Certain Moving Company which I am not naming here because I don't feel like being sued, but I'll happily provide the name via email should someone require it. I also would not call them again, despite being a previously-satisfied repeat customer.

Dude, today sucked. A lot.

Upside is, all of the big furniture is moved. Downside is, because of all the standing around and fucking about, the house is still a screaming disaster. It's actually too horrible to let Gaile and her Budgie into, so I'm going to stop off on the way home and put in an hour or so of moving and cleaning before heading home, instead of going home to sleep as any sane person would do.

Oh yes, and the bucket of diseased gophers which grudgingly and intermittently provides my internet service isn't going to be able to hook us up until Wednesday.

There will definitely be drinkage tomorrow night. You're going to have to wait several days for the ranting, though.


If it had happened to me, I'd be on the phone to the Consumer Protection division of the Attorney General's office. . .

And expecting a refund.
Cripes girl. I wish I wasn't on the other side of the world. Despite being past my best moving years, I'd've rented a truck and helped you get that stuff out of the house. I drive good truck, and I've moved a LOT in my day.

Sympathies over the assbeagle movers.
Looks like that moving company invests more in their web site, telling everyone how good they are than in actually delivering on it. False advertizing. Thanks for the heads up.
I like comment #1. I'd also suggest removing anything that could be libel (slander? can never remember which is which) and letting him know your impression of his "service" is posted for the world to read.
I once had two movers show up without tools, and then use the brand-new butterknife from the flatware set I'd gotten for Christmas as a screwdriver. The other guy was showing off for me, and when he carried my queen-sized mattress down the stairs all by his macho self, he knocked the porch light right off the wall. I wish I'd known the word Assbeagle back then.
4 hours to go before you drop off keys! Then, you know what to do. Chug! Chug! Chug! You're almost there! I lift one for you, doll.
I'll lend you my journalism law textbook if you like. It's amazing what you can say as long as you make it clear it is your opinion. Or if it's true.

Just a few more hours, bunniegirl. I'll bring you a beer next time I see you, and tell you about my mother's move a few years back. You got off lightly, believe it or not.
I'd call BBB and let them have all the yuggy details. In triplicate.
You have my sympathy. I am going to do my best never to move again. This involves never becoming disabled, so will be quite a trick. And I share your opinion of the internet providers in question.
How come you used the same moving company I used all those years ago?
The description is unmistakable
what would i call them? buttmunchers, all.

hang in there, it's almost over.
Why any moving company has the "X-Files" logo on their website is beyond me. This kind of logic only applies to assbeagles.

I'm so sorry you've had such a rough time. I third (fourth? fifth?) the idea of calling your Better Business Bureau/Government Office In Charge of Assbeagles and let them know of the assbeagling.

Lifting a beer to you!
Better Business Bureau, definitely. Thank goodness they didn't drop the piano.

You should not be paying for the third-man-in-charge-of-coffee. Fight it.

But, you know, have beer first. Priorities. Your word verification, by the way, is where these people should be put, if illiterates ran the world: the dungron.

Oh, wait, there is an illiterate running the US... Uh, nevermind. Cheers, dude.
Despite the potential moving issues, I'm still thinking it might be a good idea to move to Canada. Even if we do get someone in office who can read, speak, write, think, the damage runs pretty deep.

I'm glad we do not have a piano and I'll just drink to that and to you tonight!
Assbeagle...I think I just peed my pants.

Sorry about the moving experience. Moving gives me hives.

Assbeagle...still laughing over here.
Oh, the moving horror stories I could tell...though I suspect, having just experienced your own, you have no interest in mine. So sorry!
I, having moving horror stories too, think only the multi-gazillion-aires have no moving problems. Cause after all, if something gets misplaced, they can get brand new crap. And these movers are probably extra careful cause they know the movees have lots of money in which to sue their asses off.
Just think of how great it will be once you can sit in your studio and hide from the world. It will be worth all the trouble. Eventually. Really it will.
..a company that can expect to get their collective offensive hairy butts sued off of them>
Damn, I wish some of your furry rodent friends would have run up their pantlegs and bit.
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