Saturday, April 08, 2006


They say ...

... that kids don't draw from life.

Allegedly she's not supposed to do this until she's in like high school or something.

The picture of Ben was taken later, so he's got his legs folded in the wrong direction, but he wanted me to take a picture of how he was, so you can see what she did.

Well. Clearly I'm going to have to work three jobs until I'm 78, 'cause I'm going to have an artist living in my basement ...

I don't know whether to be proud or cry.

Yeah, actually, I do know which one to do. *g*

And so, we can each have an artistic troll(she on pictures, he on words) living in the basement with the pool table and other things no one wants.

Perhaps we should introduce them to each other and back qietly away.

This is how it starts.

Yes, high speed wireless, why?
that is so cute.
my son is an artist too...
that's great how well she visualizes at her age.... encourage her!! buy more art supplies!!!!!! lol!!
Clearly, with talent like that, she won't be living in your basement. YOU will be living in her guest house.
Dang, I'm impressed. Can she teach me?
Wow, amazing!
Be afraid. I did that at her age. And look what my folks wound up with.
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