Monday, April 17, 2006


So Done

I've been packing. There are many boxes at the new house and many boxes sitting here ready to go.

I am so done with this house. The old place. Sstan's armpit.

I can't afford a mover for the piano and such until the 29th, but I am sending out a call to all Vancouverites who might read this. If you have a friend with a truck who is willing to move a sofa, a big chair, a cabinet with a butcherblock top, two dressers, a table and two beds (a bunk and a double) for about $100 on Saturday the 22nd, please drop me a line.

They will have to do the heavy lifting, I can't because of my back being sort of wrecked (I tore ligaments and did nerve damage oh, about 20 years ago, to the point where my legs didn't work. Much pain and lengthy physio later, I can't risk destroying it again).

The dressers don't HAVE to go, those can go in my van later, but the beds, the table and the sofa, chair and cabinet have to go in a truck, they do not fit in my van.

I would dearly love to be living in my new house by this weekend rather than next.

Please email me at bunniegirl at shaw dot ca if you know of anyone who would do that for $100, a ton of goodwill, and I would knit them socks or a hat later, even.


You'll be in there in no time!
I hope someone can help you. I know when we moved, we took lots of trips. But my old van took a lot of it. The seats came out so it held lots.
Can't wait till you have knitting picks from your studio!
What does TIA stand for?

Tits in Ass?
Total Incapacitated Apples?
Treetop Icecream Aurora?

No. I have not been taking drugs, but I am so not funny right now.

PS - I envy you and your house.
How 'bout Thanks in Advance?

"Tits in Ass"???!!!! Libby, how would one even DO that???!! No wait, I don't want an answer.

Rabbitch, wish I had a truck. and a back. I am looking forward (on your behalf) to this part all being DONE. :)
have you thought about offering a case of beer?
I would so help you move (for free) if I lived closer to you. However, it's a mighty long ride from western New York state to BC, so here's hoping someone else will volunteer!
I'm sorry I can't help you move, I have no blanking car. :(
Um - can you please email me? my name at my website name, you know... I can't email you back (from your comment) because, well, you use Blogger too, I'm sure you know. :P

Good luck with the moving, and congratulations again on the great new space!! :D
The secret of getting people to help you move awkward stuff is LOTS of booze...preferably offered AFTER the moving is done.
More house pictures please!
And good luck with the move.
I can hook you up with a truck. However not a person to move the stuff. You can confirm with Mandy I'm not too psycho and I am the perfect person to get you a truck. She even has my number. So if you still need help, call me!
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