Friday, April 14, 2006


Seeing You Asked So Nicely

Yeah, I know nobody asked, but I'm showing off anyhow. Here are pix of the new studio. More fun house pictures later.

Could I be luckier? I think not.

Wow! I think that room is equal to 1/2 of my entire condo... You are a very lucky bunny.
Oh dear FSM! You have windows! That is so cool and the room is huge.

You're going to be a very content little rabbitch.
Oh wow! Beautiful!

Now all it needs is lights. ;)
Gosh it's so tidy:0)

sweet FSM, such a studio!

you just must give us a house tour before you move in.

waiting with patience.....

anne marie in philly
Let's see, we can put my blow-up bed in the corner between the windows. Settle a little table with lamp and a nice lantern moon basket for WIPs just next to that. Then some curtains, a basket of fruit and a coffee pot. I should be there sometime the day after you move in. Should I bring breakfast or will you be cooking?
I'm so jealous I could puke. My "knitting" room is about 120 square feet. It doubles as a guest room and a place for me to sleep when I'm having hot flashes or I can no longer stand my husband's snoring. Fortunately, the bed is an antique and raised high off the floor and provides ample space to store my stash. Good thing, as I live in a very small condo. Can I come to your house to spin? And will you teach me how?
Oh my gosh, that room is so huge! Awesome, you're really going to be able to spread out all the fibre in there (for me, if I can't see it all then I forget what I have).

What's all that craziness down on the end wall? Looks like linoleum or something.
70's Interior Decorating? There are lights in there, right? I think I'd go with track lighting.

saying I'm jealous would be like sayin' a giraffe has a kinda long neck. Now, this stashbusters thingie, that doesn't include housewarming gifts, does it? I got some spinning fibah for you since I predict you will go through a stash crisis when you move into this grandeur after withholding from the stash outfitting for so long.
Wow! wow wow that's big! And windows!

Yeah, what is that on the end wall?
way cool!
Hey, I could TOTALLY live in that room. How about it? Care to take in a refugee from California?

I'm gonna have to cross SOME border after I I go on my murderous rampage due to all the stress I'm under....
Wow, that is a beautiful room! You will get some wonderful sunlight with those huge windows. I am quite jealous that you have a space just for you and your knitting.
Looks like plenty of room for storage lockers, with a view no less. You've obviously got it made.
You could recoop the rent by renting out stash storage space.
That's my apartment, I think. In one room.

You wonder why I throw roving at my husband's head--now you know. It just lands there while I'm spinning....
My first thought: you can totally fit a bar in there. Congrats!
Wow, I think I could fit my entire apartment, including bathroom, in that room!! That is just so incredibly awesome. I love the cedar shake wall too--so Pacific Northwest-y. And the trees all around, yet civilization close by. Wonderful!!
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