Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Rome Wasn't Burnt In A Day

Extra points to anyone who knows what that's from.

I'm still here. I'm still moving. I still don't have a truck for the weekend so I've resigned myself to the fact that we're moving on the 29th. Waa! I wanna be in my big, clean, quiet house right now!!!

The elephants upstairs have their TV blaring as we speak. And no, I'm no good at all at patience. Good of you to notice. I'm also no good at noise and am very tempted to go throw the breaker switch to their living room ...

Nerves are wearing a little thin here, Ch├ęz Lapin. My daughter is now crying her eyes out after having to "say goodbye" to an ice cube she was using on her tongue to stop the bleeding after biting it by mistake (she insists she can't take it into the bath. I insist she's having a bath now. It's an hour after her bedtime and she reeks because the babysitter didn't give her a bath last night and her father didn't give her one the night before.) Ben has a cold and he's too siiIIIIiiiick to go get Eleanor from school, and in fact was too sick to take her in yesterday while I worked a double shift, so I'm dealing with that whining plus the inevitable chewing out by Eleanor's twat of a kindergarten teacher because I somehow can't control my husband remotely while I'm earning a living.

Top that off with the three whole hours of sleep a day I've been getting and, as you can see, I'm whining louder than any of them.

Moving is a bad, bad thing, even if you're moving to a much, much better place. I am, however, blaming all of the whining on the yarn diet ... um, yarn FOCUS. I'm pretty sure if I could go buy some Lorna's Laces I'd feel a lot better. Even some Fleece Artist would do it. *g*

There has been a small amount of knittage committed hereabouts. I'm almost down to the heel flap of the socks I owe a girlfriend for her birthday in March, and I haven't even started to cast on for my brother's birthday present (his birthday is tomorrow. He will be given the ball of wool and some needles and instructed to return them to me. He knits. He will understand.)

As for me, I don't even think I can stay awake long enough to drink beer. I know this post is boring as hell but I just wanted to let you all know I'm not dead yet.

Which is good, because I'm getting me another spinning wheel (Kromski Symphony) right after I get tsome unplanned money that is coming my way ...

Addict or collector? You decide.

Off to bed now for a bit.


I know where "not dead yet" is from.

Even if you're divorced, they still expect you to remote control them.

Things will be better soon. Moving sucks.

Um. Addict. No, collector. No. Wait. Addict. Collector. Shit. Why do I have to decide?
I think addict, but what's wrong with that??? Hang in there - moving is such a pain, but it will, eventually, be over... Sorry I don't live closer, or I'd let you borrow my brother-in-law's truck.
Oh! I must have your elephants' relatives living above me! As an added bonus, they have elephant children who throw incredible tantrums when they don't get what they want....pounding and stomping and screaming...makes me want to get my tubes tied.

I know it sucks now, but just think of how wonderful it will be when finally you can relax in your fiber sanctuary!
And yet, for all that, the world is filled with wonderful things - my stitch markers arrived today, and they are pretty things indeed.

Am now saving for another set of sparklies. (May try the old "hide from the rent collector" ploy. It's worth a shot.)

Moving is hard, but just think how you will look back on these trying times and laugh. In about 50 years.
I'd love to help. Really I would. 2 minor problems being that I have no van, and the small pond between here and there.

And I'm never sure how much help a 55kg weakling really is in these circumstances...

Got moving to (hopefully) look forward to in the next 3 months. Not looking forward to it. Really don't envy you now, but will when you're done!
Addict. No contest.

Remote controls for hubands... hmm... someone should work on that...
It's just plain wrong that no-one's shown up with a truck yet.

There's a fine line between addict and collector (says the woman who just ordered a Hitchhiker wheel); however, we do need the calming effects of fiber and yarn to keep going.
This is the worst part of moving, darling, the part where you pack and pack, yet belongings continue to (apparently) ooze out of the floor.

Go get some sleep. Sleep will be the best thing. The move will happen. You can get yourself a nice new wheel as a reward after that.

Hang in there...

I'd love to come up to help, hon, but you can't fit a sofa in a VW New Beetle, even with the back seat down.

Deep breath....deep breath....take a moment at work to just find a quiet space...this will all pass in good time.

Dude...if I could remotely control the Boyfriend.... *evil cackle*
How many wheels do you have now?

Are you sending one to come and visit me so I can get rid of all of this damned fleece I have? :)
I don't know about you, but I know my mood sours right fast if I don't get to knit. (This morning I was actually furious that my husband answered his phone instead of letting me leave a message - the NERVE.) I have taken to bringing my yarn to work with me and knitting during meetings and conference calls, to make up for lack of knitting time in the evenings. I hope things calm down for you very soon.
Oh yeah, and I received my greenbrown glory stitch markers in the mail, and they are so pretty, there are no words. I have yet to put them on anything, but I've been carrying them around the house in the evenings so I can admire them whenever I want, which is OFTEN.
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