Friday, April 14, 2006



I've been down at the new house, cleaning the filthy filthy carpets, and I have lots of fun house pictures, but it's heading for 10am so I'll have to post them later, after I get some sleep.

I've also put up another three or four sets of stitch markers. There are another half-dozen sets made but again, the sleep has to come first.

In the meantime, I shall fob you off with two more beautiful pictures from The Wedding of The Century:

beautiful or what?

everyone should be this happy

And now for some beauty rest ...

You don't need beauty rest, but yes a little rest would help. I hope everything goes as smoothly as it can. You can always just take a load at a time in your car. And then worry about the bigger stuff as you can. It will be fine.

Ah the love birds. I hope they are that happy always.
Aren't they beautiful? *sniffle*
My god - everyone should have an opportunity once in their lives to feel as much joy as those two emit in that picture. *sigh*

On a completely unrelated note - I have to clean sour spoiled milk off my office carpet. Any suggestions?

I'm starting to pass out from the barf-scented fumes.
everytime i see their pic's i get all misty eyed!
Libby, two words: Baking Soda (the arm & hammer crap inna yellow box.

Sprinkle LIBERALLY (use the whole box). Let set. Vacuum.

Works on kitty barf. Leaves no odor of barf covered up with flowers or barf in a pine forset.
oh god, I love that photo - makes even me all misty eyed when I see how incredibly happy they are.
I love seeing pictures of those two. Happy is good.
What beautiful pics--they look sooo happy and in love!
What a beautiful couple!! :) ... and an extraordinary shawl!!
What am I doing, flying??? Just catching up -- LOVE the house. So happy for ya, doll.
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