Saturday, April 15, 2006


Old Black Water


I have just returned from washing the carpets at the new house. The guestroom has been done twice, the big bedrooms and all of the hallways have been done once (and oh sweet FSM the bathroom carpet in the master bedroom, the vileness of which shall never again be mentioned).

And why on earth would I think that you are interested in the state of my carpets? Well, I don't, really. But I want to talk about it anyhow.

So, THIS is what the water looked like in my Big Green Clean Machine after the first pass over the carpet of the guestroom.

(i have a guestroom! i have a freaking guestroom!!!1!)

I am pleased to say that the second washing produced much lighter brown water. The first washing of the hallways and the bedrooms were just as vile and, should FSM grant me both strength and time, I shall wash the big bedrooms and hallways again on Monday. I'm tempted to do the guestroom a third time but I might just be getting a bit too Martha Stewart here.

But dude. Other people's stink. And are there fleas or anything in there? They did have several large stinking dogs. Yes, I know they were stinking. The stink was still in the house, which is what brought on this frenzy of carpet washing.

I'm beginning to believe that I'm actually moving. There are two boxes of my stash in the studio already. I haven't moved the "good stuff" and I can't bear to be parted from my sock yarn for too long (ooh, and did I tell you that Wendy sent me some sock yarn? Pix when I get my act together), but the cotton and some of the "nicer" ack is down there, plus some books and other boxes of stuff. I'm pretending I'm not moving my kitchen because packing and unpacking it is always so vile, so I'm just taking stuff by hand every time I drive down there with a load of boxes. All of the side plates, the little coffee maker and two mugs are down there. I mean, what more could a girl ask? (Yes, there's coffee. Don't be an idiot. It went in the first load.)

Oh yes, and there has been knitting. I have completed my husband's hat. It looks like ass, but he loves it. I'm hoping that the addition of a tassle will make it look less lame.

And before I go and slather myself with Burt's Bees Hand Salve (best stuff ever), some more flashes of the new house.

Behold, my side yard (and the ass end of my van):

And the view of the side yard from the window of my studio:

Yeah, that's a big covered patio and a picnic bench out there. After we've re-grassed the side yard (which is actually public property, but the way it's laid out it looks like part of our garden, so there's little likelihood of intruders) we're gonna have us a big ol' barbecue. You're invited. Bring beer.

We had water that color coming out of a carpet when we lived in Navy Housing....the hubby got disgusted with it, hooked a garden hose up to the hot water tank, and hosed down the living room and dining room, and we sucked out the water with the industrial carpet cleaner he borrowed from the base--I always just described the water as "the color of my hair." I have extremely dark brown most people's reaction is "Eeeew!" And in our case, the carpet was supposedley cleaned when we moved in.
That is gross. I hate carpet for exactly that reason, it seems like you can never get all the germs and grossness out. And people actually let their kids lie down on that stuff! Shudder. The last place I rented that had carpet, I ripped it all out myself. In the basement, there were 13 layers, all soggy and mouldy with all sorts of things sandwiched between them: condoms, magazines, junk food wrappers, socks, old jeans. I hope you don't have a mess even a tenth that bad to clean out of your new place.

Tell Hockey Mom and Janice that if they decide to drive up for your party they should swing by Windsor/Detroit and pick me up on the way.
Congrats on the house! And the clean(er) carpet!
Also, I would wear that hat. But don't let that discourage you.
Ack. Hang on while I go rip out the carpet here... :)
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