Sunday, April 16, 2006


OK, More House Stuff

Here is my new dining room. This room and the living room stretch across the entire front of the house. The linoleum is almost perfect (one chip out of it) and it's big enough for my pine farm table which I haven't been able to set up in a couple of years. You can just see the edge of the front door on the left of the picture, and at the bottom of the picture is where the living room carpet starts.

That small rectangular black mark on the wall is our mailbox. Yes, our mail is delivered to our dining room floor. I have no idea who thought of this shit, but I'll put a little basket there and it'll be fine. I mean, it's not like I have to retrieve it from the roof or anything; it's an oddity more than an inconvenience.

And turning at a 90 degree angle to the right, here is the kitchen:

So if you go up the front steps, the window looks into the dining room, and beyond that is the kitchen. There are um, I think 17 or 18 useable cupboards in there, and 11 decent drawers. There is the L-shaped countertop beside the sink, and then there's the whole big countertop above the cupboards at the back of the kitchen.

The stove is fucked, but there is a new one waiting to be delivered the minute I call them to tell them when I'll be there to sign for it.

We have no dishwasher but I'll look on Craigslist for one and in the meantime, we can just wash them by hand.

The floorspace in my current kitchen is maybe five feet square. MAYBE. Can you see how I'm loving this?

At the back left of the kitchen there is one of the four doors into the house, and a deep alcove for a freezer. When we moved a couple of years ago we gave our freezer to the neighbour. She still has it and doesn't use it. I'm scared it might be a bit mildewy but if it can be salvaged we're going to get it back.

I really can't believe this is happening to me. I've lived in Sstan's armpit (He's satan's cousin) for a year and a half and the last place, although better than this, was nothing like the new house.

Dude, I think it might be time for things to go well for me.

Almost scared to say that.

Stay tuned for bedroom pictures.

It's lookin' better and better.
Ok, here's what you say in situations like this:

So far, so good.

That's all. Just... so far, so good.

now, now, no naughty bedroom pix please (heh heh heh).

the postings from the last few days have been great. damn, your house looks bigger than mine! and I can only DREAM of a kitchen like yours!

but those carpets - sweet FSM, did like the previous owners NEVER let their dogs outside to pee? UGH!

(snort) that egg cartoon - funny!

you have turned off the highway to hell onto the freeway of love - enjoy the ride!

anne marie in philly
Woo Hoo! Does this mean you're cooking? That is an awesome kitchen. Remember, a combination of bleach and water will clean out a freezer pretty well. Don't ask how I know....
I am green with envy - I would love a house, even your "Sstan's armpit" would probably be bigger than my apartment.
I'll come up for the bbq (with Hockey Mom & Janice) and bring beer just as long as I don't have to clean your bathroom! I've lived in places with scummy nasty carpets too.. eeewwww. Good thing you have a carpet cleaner!!
BBQ! BBQ! Mouse, will you pick me up on the way?

Heh, that mail slot is very very odd.
Ewww, those carpets must've been beyond vile before you cleaned them. The house is looking so cool though. Woohoo! I'm so happy for you.
Nice place. Nice BIG place. Gorgeous green yard. Relatively speaking, your kitchen is huge.
The moss on the roof of the grarage is a tad odd. Is that normal for Vancouver?
Don't put too big of a basket under the mail slot. That looks like cat bed height.
The mail slot is oddly-placed but at least they're delivering the mail to your actual house. Here in San Antonio, most people in neighborhoods built since about 1980 (even the fancy-shmancy ones) have to walk down the street to a 'mail center' - a metal box with 12 or 16 little mailboxes, and two large ones, for if you get a package. I have never, ever lived anywhere where mail was delivered to my house!
Now see I'd love that mailbox slot. I would paint a big face on it...or a dog or cat or something... no clowns..hate the damn clowns...
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