Friday, April 07, 2006


Oh Sweet FSM!

I just realized that starting next week I'm going to have my own, real, genuine, actual studio!!!1!

OK, all of the boxes will be piled in there and I won't be able to do a thing for the first few weeks, but still ... dude ...

I could plotz.

Praise FSM! Now you can spin me something in your studio.
YAY!!! I'm so happy that you got the house. Can we have a virtual housewarming for you?
Go right ahead and plotz. It's worth it.
that is so vry very cool!
Pause, plotz... and then get to LABELING those boxes!

I'm a moving maven... nothing, but NOTHING makes it easier than labeling boxes clearly and keeping a numbered list of what's in boxes!
Number the boxes accordingly. when you stack them, be sure the numbers are visible, even if the contents hints arent.

This will save you HOURS!

Better still, you can then know where which boxes go@

And pack aobut six with the OPEN FIRST stuff (sheets, towels, shampoo, basic pots and pans and dishes, clothes, cat food..)

Congrats and yeeeeeahw!
that noise you just heard, the banging-clanging-celebratory thing? That was Mountlake Terrace celebrating your new house.
Woo, congrats!

I totally agree with the Packing Maven's hints!

And I have a tip to add-- when "labeling" the contents of your boxes, use your digital camera to take pictures of the contents! Quick! (Oh so much quicker than the handwritten labels I used to make!) .. Just remember to keep the file with the box contents AVAILABLE! .. pack it in your overnight bag! (y'know, the one with your clean underwear and your toothbrush and your coffee mug (er, celebratory beer?) the one that you KNOW you won't lose! ;)

Oh, yay! So glad you decided to be benign so your new room will not be empty!
Wicked! That's so fast! Moving next week?!

Now, if I could just get some of that luck to get mine to sell quickly...
A very big congrats on both the house and the results of the Badger. I wish you the very best!
And you deserve it!!!
Wooty woot woot!
Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat as needed.
As you can see, we are overjoyed for you. What a week!
I have moved 20+ times and it never gets any easier. I moved almost 3 weeks ago and the boxes are still getting unpacked. I can't find the silverware but you can bet I found the swift and ball winder! Congrats on the new digs!
Congratulations on the house-with-studio!

I'm still trying (unsuccessfully) to convince my husband that the little spare bedroom should be home to his TV and comfy chair so that I can take over the family room as my studio. Hey, it makes sense....I have more stuff and need more manouverability.
Let's all do the Benign Badger, New Digs Dance of Joy!!!!

And just remember, if you haven't unpacked it in six months, you probably don't need it, unless it's yarn.
YAHOO!!!!!!!!!! Oh I am so happy, and my ass is happy to be able to sit down and not be jiggling about in my quest for the new house dance.
good, nothing broken packing vibes, you're own room sounds like HEAVEN. I want my own room.
Fan-bloody-tastic ! [who's stealing my stock comments ? ]
It will be fab. :0)
Technically I think you are *already* plotzing.
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