Monday, April 03, 2006


Oh, Canada!

I don't think I've ever been prouder of Canada than I was today.

I was hono(u)red to be one of the witnesses today at the nuptials of Rachael

who is apparently only about three foot two and likes to hang out in back alleys in East Vancouver

and LaLa

who is clearly happiest when drunk as a loon

The lovely, talented and entertaining Mandy was there, as was her cooler-than-cool husband. She also has the coolest shoes this side of the Rockies.

Well, I guess the second-coolest shoes.

nobody gets cooler shoes than the bride

The ceremony was held at Full Bloom Flowers on Commercial Drive. They don't seem to have a website or I'd be linking here. The proprietresses (and their dog) were gracious and welcoming and the store is lovely. Photographs far better than anything I've managed here were taken by Rachael Ashe (who wants everyone to knit stuff for her and who also, incidentally had on very cute shoes. I sense a trend here).

There was a lovely ceremony and then we descended on The Sylvia Hotel, which is beautiful, and very knit-tolerant. Lala knits, did you know that? I didn't! (She can't count but that didn't seem to worry her. I'm hoping the child she's knitting for has at least three arms). I got about half of the rest of Ben's hat finished and met a bunch of fun folks who don't blog (but that's fine! We all need readers!) and staggered home before 10pm.

I think they should do this again next year

Rachael (the bride Rachael, not the photographer one) dared me to post a picture of my multicoloured boob here. I think the small sample below will explain fairly comprehensively why I'm declining to post the entire thing in all its glory.

I'm thinking I'd like to still have at least six readers left by the end of this post ...

Sigh. Such lovely pictures. Almost makes me want to be a bride someday too. Almost, but not quite.
Okay, the multicolored boob picture is undeniably gross.

But what does it say about me that I clicked on it to pop it up in a new window? And that I was a little bit miffed that it didn't pop to a larger picture, but remained the same size?

Clearly, I need professional help.
Great photos of Rachael and Lala! Wish I coulda been there.

I hope your boob is getting less technicolor with the passage of time!
I'm delurking. I've read your blog for ages but have been too shy (or something) to comment. But I had to delurk today to say THANK YOU for the fantastic picture of Rachael and Lala. Love the photo and I'm just so happy for them. How great that you could be there to witness their (second) big day.
Heh, I did the same thing Erika did!

Thanks for sharing the pictures - looks like a divine time! Will you adopt Chaos and I so we can be Canadian? ;)
See, you still have 6 readers or at least 6 commenters! Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all.
I don't know if this comment is necessary, 'cause it looks like you've got your six, but a great big thanks, RB. From my aunt and her wife, my friend and her wife, my neighbor and his husband...and great big well wishes to your friends...There's plenty of love to go around, no?
Thank you for the wedding photos. That last one of Rachael and La really captures them and how happy they are. Wonderful. I am, of course, WAY beyond jealous that you got to be there. And yes, days like that make me even more proud of Canada.
Thank you for sharing the photos of Rachael and Lala still in love:0) First thought on seeing the picture of Rachael doing a troll impression was not that but 'oh lord she's been caught short and now a 'friend' is taking a shot of her having a pee' but I was still laughing.

Trust the news is positive for you when the boob gets discussed, just you make sure you cover its ears at it looks pretty sensitive.

Hope the news of the house is surprisingly good and the spondulics just fall into your lap, oh if only eh. Be nice to put my clothes back on and decross everything as it's playing hec with keeping two pups under some sort of control.
those are really cute shoes...are they hello kitties??? the first picture of the bride is so nice... and the last of the black and bluey ness.... I'm just glad you are ok.
Just more pictoral proof that Rachel and Lala are the cutest couple EVER.. great photos, thanks for sharing!

as for the boob.. OW!
I am not scared off very easily. Especially not by two people who have found love in each other! As for the bruise, glad it is getting better. I got a black eye several years ago (as a spectator) at my daughter's softball game. It was then I realized that there was absolutely no eye shadow on the market that was a match for that color.
THANK YOU for posting that full-length one..... first one I've seen. And thank you for coming, honey. You are even better in person, and that's hard to imagine. Will call tomorrow re: yarn -- not sure what's going on yet, but if we go yarn trawling, you must come.
xo and thank you, again.....
I'm delurking as well. I just wanted to tell you that I look at it as a sense of taking back your breast from the badger by posting that picture. Right on!
Thanks for the full length pic and the captions. I had no idea LaLa knit! Makes you wonder what else Rachael is hiding from us, doesn't it? I winced when I saw the bruised breast. But I know you will be OK, and I'm glad you at least got to keep it, even if it's rather purple right now.
Canada rocks!
i'm just like erika too! if you're gonna flash the boob, make the picture clickable! sheesh!

and the wedding pictures are so nice. looooooooove rachel's dress. and of course the bride has the coolest shoes. and the coolest dress. coolest hair? anyway, cool.
Fab photos. I think it's time Rachael took that dress off now, don't you? Well, I don't mean ON THE BLOG. I mean in general. She's been wearing it for DAYS now!!! :D
aren't you a lucky girl to have gotten to go to the wedding.
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