Sunday, April 23, 2006


A New Low in Blogging

Our good friend, Crazy Aunt Purl has often defined madness as going out and directing traffic with your bra on your head. Our other good friend, Snowball has frequently described the pain of insomnia.

I, too, suffer from insomnia,and being a night worker I also have to battle the challenges of sleeping when it's light out.

I don't think this is quite as crazy as Purl's definition of madness, but I have indeed come up with a solution, which I mentioned on Snow's blog recently.

First, lie down in bed with a pair of midnight blue satin underpants, the bra to which is long lost in antiquity.

Then, put the underpants over your head.

Then, fold the waistband up to make a double thickness so the light can't get through, and go to sleep.

Yeah, I admit it, I sleep with underpants on my head, but dammit, I sleep well.

You may now commence chortling.

Good lord. You need a set of days of the week underpants for that so you can have a new pair every night. And also, always wake up knowing what day it is (I've been having some trouble with that lately, so maybe I should start sleeping with underpants on MY head?).
as long as they are clean underwear in case you get into an accident (channeling my mother here)
I followed your instructions and commenced chortling--and the hubby walked in and asked what was so funny. I showed him, and he walked back out shaking his head....
My hubby doesn't even bother to come IN anymore, to have to leave shaking his head ... he just thinks I'm "nuts" again in the back room ... crazy laughter doesn't even raise questions anymore!

However, sleeping with my underpants on my head might ...
I seem to remember reading that that trick was the only thing that would get you off active service at the front in WW1 - evidence of insanity instantly accepted...
Sleeping with underpants on your head is not nearly so crazy as taking pictures and actually telling people about it.

Wouldn't you feel more like a movie star and less like an escapee from the asylum if you cut them up and made those fancy-schmancy satin eye covers? .... Well, at least for the photo shoot?
i love it. I often wear panties on my head when I head to the shower, but only so I remember to bring them with me.
long as they are clean...
thanks for always making me laugh.

You know, the cat helps, too. When they sleep, they emit some kind of sleepy-stuff, that makes everyone around them kind of sleepy.
I'm speechless
I read your comment on Snow's blog and had a good laugh then. But to see it in pictures just makes it sooooo much more funny.
Lovely panties.
Wow. I think I'll stick to earplugs and Trazadone. ;)
Them's some pretty fancy panties!

When I'm working a night shift, I block out the light with those big sheets of foam core posterboard - the kind they sell at office supply stores, for presentations. They only cost a few dollars a sheet, can be easily "installed" (i.e. taped up) and removed, and since they're white, they look like curtains drawn across a window from a distance. (Unlike tinfoil, which is another method I've been known to stoop to.)
Is this part of the new religion? Hm... The fact of having an assistant to photograph the scene cements the insanity of your special household! long as you say it's okay to chortle. Whatever gets you through the night.
well, they do say neccessity is the mother of invention.
Would dark green underpants work as well? Does your kitty sidekick need to be a tuxedo cat or would a sealpoint work as well?

I need answers!
There are worse things than waking up with underpants on your head. At least you know how they got there. ;-)
What I want to know is - who took those pictures? :)
I'm trying to imagine the conversation....

"Honey...can you come in here and take pictures of me with underwear on my head?"
The confirmation word I got was qebgaga. A sign?

I've worked graveyard. I had a ham radio coming through my tv until I moved it to the other end of the house and effectively blocked his transmissions. "Mr Info" was not. For eyewear, I chose a lovely silk scarf just long enough so that it didn't have a huge knot digging into one side of my head.

Between you and Franklin's dreams of Lily Chin, I think I'm starting to feel pretty normal.
I applaud your ingenuity. Those look like they would work perfectly. I can't wear those sleep masks...hurts my, I often must settle for a T-shirt draped artfully over my face.

Now can we get photos of you directing traffic with a bra on your head?
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