Monday, April 24, 2006


My Brain Hurts

We have had a challenging day, Ch├ęz Lapin. The van decided that brakes were really an optional extra and ate away the last little scraps of the brake pads at the front.

I took it down to the magic-brake-fixing-guy and he quoted a price that would have been perfectly reasonable had it been legal to sell my kidney, but seeing that sort of thing is frowned upon, I decided to do without the front brakes until Friday. He said the back ones were perfectly good, so unless we can talk the Annoying Small Hairy Frenchman Who Used To Live Upstairs into fixing my brakes for cost (this is possible) then I shall just traipse gaily about town, grinding all the way, until Friday morning.

Parking the van is not an option. I have 20-25 more loads to do before Sunday night, and really I'd like to have it all over bar the shouting by about noon on Saturday, as there will be drinkage on Saturday night.

Anyhow, all of this makes my brain hurt. Coupling that with the fact that I'm still sick and I'm having to work overtime ... well, let's just say I'd like a little cheese with that whine.

So, just to distract myself from the trainwreck that is my life, I shall answer numerous questions left in the comments section over the last few weeks.

Libby: Yes, I still have the yolk-yellow wool and I'm still going to put it on eBay the minute I've actually finished this move -- Oliver still needs some stuff and I'd like to get this done seeing it's been, oh, a year or so since I dyed it, feckless strumpet that I am.

Several people asked about how the cat bath went, and I'm ashamed to admit that I have not yet had the courage to bathe her. That cat can slice a cow from 40 paces ... I really don't know if I want to expose my dainty flesh to her excesses. She's smelling a little ripe, though, so maybe soon.

Regarding placement of the daisy, should you be twatless, please improvise as best you can. For the curious, I had imagined that the stem end would be the one inserted, however if you would like to do it the other way around, I don't believe you'd go to jail for it unless you were doing it in a public park. And Daisy, yes, you get a cut of the wealth no matter to whom it arrives.

As for the curiosity about the underpants:

- Yes, green would work. Pink, however, would not.
- My daughter took the pictures and she's pretty darned good for a five year old.
- It bothers me that she didn't find my request at all unusual.
- The cat with which one sleeps with while wearing underpants on one's head does not have to be a tuxedo cat. Pretty much any colour would work (except, again, pink)

Blogging will be sparse for the next week or so. Internet service and so forth should be transferred to the new house some time on Friday but we all know about the best-laid plans ...

I think we're pretty much down to the wire. Wish us luck, and hope nobody and nothing gets broken or divorced in the next five days, mmkay?

Guess you're not meeting up with us in Maryland next week in that van, eh?

Good luck with the move! Can't wait to see you ensconsed in that hugeass fibre room.
Thank you so much for answering my questions. It is a huge relief to me that I do not have to dye Lucy in order for the sleep process to work.
well have fun with it anyway.. I will miss all the chuckles I get from you while you are internetless for a little careful with those bad brakes..and hug your kid for me...she seems like a real sweetie.
We'll miss you. Good luck!
unless said husband is helping with the move I shall only be hoping nothing gets broken. because I am mean and stubborn and overprotective that way. *mwah*
Good luck with the moving. Be careful on those brakes, no sudden stops. Bleh, I hope the bad luck stops soon and you feel better.
WE will miss you. Come back soon, ya hear?
Oh, thank you. I would hate to get the daisy wrong.
MWAH! Hope it all goes swimmingly :)
Good luck!

Last night I dreamt I met you, your husband and gorgeous little girl. I met you at your place, which in my dream had a balcony. We then located a pub and proceeded to drink beer. Odd, eh?
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