Friday, April 14, 2006


More House Pictures

Here is the view out of the back window of my studio. Notice moss-covered garage. Those trees? Oh, those are our neighbours.

This is my great big living room with brand new carpet. Every other carpet is filthy and reeks of dog, but this is great. Well, apart from the plywood fake-panelled wall but we'll deal with that. Deckchair included for size.

Oh, and here is the view out of my front window. Those trees? More neighbours.

We do have a neighbour to the immediate east of us, and one sort of kitty corner across the road, but basically we live in the woods. With a three-block walk to the pizza and movie stores and a four-block walk to the pub.

That freakystuff at the end of the wall in the studio is cedar shakes. Yes, outside house shakes on the inside wall. Don't ask. It's actually sort of cute.

Off to work!

Looks like a beautiful neighborhood - totally glad for you.
Welcome to living in the woods ! I can personally recommend it. Looks like you`ve been really lucky with this one.
The FSM is smiling on you. Absolutely awesome place there. Did you say 4 blocks to the pub? Woo Hoo. What time we meeting for drinks?
wow.. that looks great! Yay house!
No wonder you wanted this place so much!
You have your own little "Rabbit Hutch in the Woods"!
Yep living in the woods is the best. I, too, have outside shakes on the inside (of my office). I, however, do NOT find it cute. That wall and I have a date with the crowbar in the near future.

Right after I finish planting millions of flowers as small neighbors for my neighbors the trees...
Hey, I have those wood shakes inside our 'new to us; house too - glad that trend is over. Was it just a West Coast thing? (I'm in Coquitlam)
Happy for you that you got the house - congratulations.
You lucky, lucky, fuzzy little woodland creature, you...
Oh how lucky you are to have trees for neighbors.
Cute house!
Hope you can settle in soon!
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