Thursday, April 27, 2006


Is It Time to Give Up Yet?

OK, so I waited and waited and waited all morning. I didn't waste my time, I slept while I waited, but waiting was the main thrust of my day, nonetheless.

Finally about 1:00 I called my friend. Asked if The Annoying Frenchman could fix the brakes like I was expecting him to do this morning.

Seems he can fix the brakes all righty. Tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow, when the movers are taking the big furniture and I have to go to the new house with them.

Tomorrow, which is the day after today.

Today upon which I have to move the kitchen, and then take my child to work seeing I have no childcare as my parents are otherwise occupied.

Oh yes, and my husband hasn't moved anything 'cause he doesn't wake up early enough to do so. He was thinking of moving his stuff on Saturday. I don't quite know how he's going to do it, as Gaile and her budgie are coming up here to help with the final hysteria, and I'm going to need the van all day.

I'm pretty close to screaming but I don't seem to have time for a breakdown seeing I've got to find someone to fix my brakes in the next three hours and then move the entire kitchen.

Computer service goes down tomorrow. I think it gets reconnected at the new house tomorrow also, but even though I booked the move several days ago nobody's called to confirm it yet.

I'm never moving again. Just thought I'd mention it.

Deep breaths, dearest. And if you feel the need to wallop some(one)thing really hard to help ease your tension, I say go for it.

And thank FSM for Gaile and the Budgie.
Moving sucks.. I hate it too. I'm hoping to not have to move this time for many many years.. because last time sounds about like your nightmare.
May your furniture be light and your brakes be magically fixed, because moving sucks all kinds of ass. I wish I could help, but I'm a bit far away.
Moving does suck. Mostly because you never realize how much crap you've accummulated until it has to be schlepped somewhere else. Yarn doesn't count as crap, no. Don't be ridiculous.
Argh. Your husband hasn't helped??? What the... Ok, sending you lots of Chaotic Moving Energy and Fortitude(tm).
I know you can make it through this. I see a beautiful studio and loads of spinning in your future.
NO! NO! You said the dreaded phrase that brings bad karma and ensures that you will always have itchy feet and be moving house again very soon! Never sayd "I am never moving again!" I've said it six times in the last six years... and have lived in seven houses in the same period!
I'm a little confused. You have a husband and he hasn't moved ONE THING?? I'm with Chris ... WTF?!? I vote for leaving him and his belongings behind. Think of all the extra room you'll have for fiber! The thought is dizzying.
Think happy thoughts about your studio! It'll be all done but the unpacking very soon.

I truly wish you lived closer because I'd be right there to help you with a small caravan of trucks, a van and a trailer.
*i will not trash another person's husband i will not trash another person's husband i will not trash another person's husband*

as bad as it seems now, remember, it will be over soon.

and you will move again.
may the god of moving and boxes smile upon you...
I don't know which is worse, the moving or the husband who doesn't help. At least you'll eventually be finished with the move.
Oh honey... (cyberhug)
Just keep repeating that you're moving into a GREAT house and you'll be soooo happy with all that great new space.
Oh, and I agree wiht Rachel that walloping something might help, too.
A friend of mine had a husband who wouldn't wake up for stuff. She lit a cigarette and put it between his butt cheeks as he slept. Woke him right up. Just sayin'.
First the cigarette and then the walloping (because he'll be making too much noise)-

(I will not trash another woman's husband ...)

Then another cigarette and another walloping .....
May you have brakes aplenty and all your possessions in one location very soon.

And something to beat the shit out of should you need it.
Rabbitch lady, you know I think most highly of you - but, I gotta ask - WHY DO YOU KEEP HIM? Not that I don't want to choke mine until his next to last breath escapes slowly and then let him go and turn the fan on most days of the week but, why?
I know that we will be moving sometime in the next two months, though I don't yet know where. I am NOT looking forward to it. I may have to do a lot of the packing myself, but that's bc my husband is actually out of town M-Th, not because he wouldn't get up to do it. If I were in BC, I'd come over and help you! Goodness knows I could use the exercise, and it certainly seems you could use some extra hands.

Just breathe deeply. And focus on next week, when this will all be over, and you can nap on the pile of unopened boxes in your new living room.
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